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Arranged in a tidy way; in good order.
  1. 'Everything about the room was neat and orderly.'
  2. 'Several long and narrow tables were arranged in neat rows, teachers scouting the premises between them.'
  3. 'Choosing one, he stepped inside a little room almost militarily neat, and masculine in aura.'
  4. 'In Mexico, the tops of the wooden posts are cut off at the same level, creating very neat and tidy fences.'
  5. '"Over the years the residents have made a great effort to keep the estate very neat and tidy.'
  6. 'It was just how I left it, neat and tidy; everything was in perfect order.'
  7. 'There were three chairs arranged in a neat semi-circle, with a coffee table in the center.'
  8. 'As he began shuffling his papers so they were neat and organized, whispers began to fly around the class.'
  9. 'Megan laughed, " Ya know, you should thank me for keeping my locker so neat.'
  10. 'In fact, salt crystals are formed by the very neat and orderly arrangement of alternating sodium and chloride ions.'
  11. 'The sergeant counted the money onto the kitchen table, note by note, arranging it in neat piles.'
  12. 'Walking down the aisle, looking impeccably neat in his uniform was Bob.'
  13. 'She's neat, organised, intelligent, motivated, good natured and talented across all arenas.'
  14. 'Madge herself is immaculate - a tiny, neat woman whom grief has made two-dimensional.'
  15. 'I an a very neat person, and I don't want you to see my place in a state.'
  16. 'There is nothing wrong with being a slob until you start complaining all the time that you wish you were neat and organized.'
  17. 'Not to say that we weren't neat and polite at the table.'
  18. 'I can get my daughter to clean her room by setting up comparison/competition images with her neat friend, Amanda.'
  19. 'Aberdeen gave the ball away far too often to be able to mount any sustained pressure, whilst the visitors were neat and tidy in their play.'
  20. 'Maybe she was just a neat person, and it was a summer assignment, and she wanted everything to be organized, so she had tucked it away.'
  21. 'She's neat, serious and always over-prepared; he's a jokey slob who flies by the seat of his rumpled pants.'
  22. 'Alan noted down the orders in his neat, precise script'
  23. '"Real men don't have hair that neat, " one radio journalist said.'
  24. 'Val was a good lawman but not exactly noted for his neat appearance nor his generosity with his money.'
  25. 'Woven garments, such as shirts and trousers, should be folded along their natural creases to maintain a neat appearance.'
  26. 'Not only did these materials present a neat appearance, but their flexibility allowed them to be used around curvilinear and geometric beds.'
  27. 'He has finally, it seems, sorted out his blog format, and everything looks fabulously neat and tidy.'
  28. 'This autumn the emphasis is on neat, elegant tailoring and waist-cinched silhouettes.'
  29. 'Look out for a pair of neat black or grey flannel trousers or a pencil or A-line skirt.'
  30. 'The words " For Cecil " were written in extremely neat handwriting on it.'
  31. 'Ancient runes were patterned in neat, flowing script, words that had not been read in many years.'
  32. 'The other two were written in the same neat script.'
  33. 'It suggested a forger might have selected a relatively smooth area of the back as a place to carve the small, neat characters.'
Done with or demonstrating skill or efficiency.
  1. 'The look was relaxed, and the illusion hemlines, also achieved with stripes and shiny fabrics, were a neat way to make clothes appear longer.'
  2. 'At the moment we don't have a neat solution to the problem and it really is stretching staff and eroding morale.'
  3. 'Some common-sense solutions, and neat statistics, are found within the paper.'
  4. 'I thought it was a neat bit of conscious self-reference.'
  5. 'Folding them together was a pretty neat trick, and it has been done without a wrinkle or seam showing.'
  6. 'I'm sure that I could never have written such a neat bit of syntactical plotting.'
  7. 'It's a neat bit of arithmetic - one beach for each day of the year - but has anyone actually counted them?'
  8. 'The economist who raised the subject has found a neat solution to all these problems.'
  9. 'The sampling trick is very neat, and does appear magical even after you see the proof.'
  10. 'Admittedly, it is a rather neat effect to use, but not when it appears on nearly every track.'
  11. '‘It is a very neat, environmentally-friendly solution,’ says Dr Reeder.'
  12. 'this neat division does not take into account a host of associated factors'
  13. 'You seem to have moved from a neat engineer's view of the world to a view which accepts and celebrates the complexity out there.'
  14. 'But just because the Jungian interpretation is neat & tidy and easy to swallow, doesn't necessarily mean it's accurate.'
  15. 'This is a problem that does not lend itself to neat political solutions, for all the righteous indignation inspired by rogue companies like Enron.'
  16. 'Like most three-part sermons, Delbanco's division is a bit too neat.'
  17. 'The authors also note that the public perception of crime appears to have ‘no neat relationship’ with the crime rate.'
  18. 'This reveals the fact that the issues that apply to pre-contact cultures cannot be defined into any neat and efficient concept or word.'
  19. 'It's not necessarily all that neat and simple, is it?'
  20. 'This historical framework keeps things pretty clear, although its neat divisions, both chronological and thematic are more imagined than real.'
  21. 'He instilled in me a desire for clarity, but also a suspicion of neat solutions because, he felt, posing problems was more interesting than solving them.'
  22. 'No doubt there's some truth to that, but it looks too neat.'
(of liquid, especially spirits) not diluted or mixed with anything else.
  1. 'And you could never drink it neat unless you wanted to burn a hole in the lining of your stomach.'
  2. 'He also points to a fondness for strong drink taken neat; whisky and vodka rather than English ale or Irish stout.'
  3. 'Sponge the woolly bits with neat washing-up liquid, suggests a reader who says her father used to deal with greenfly on his roses in this way.'
  4. 'Among tequila connoisseurs, the best anejo tequilas rank with the finest cognacs and are often consumed neat from a snifter.'
  5. 'The meal is a full Russian spread, and in between the different courses shots of neat vodka are served.'
  6. 'The Raki is like Ouzo or Ricard (try it neat as well as with water) and goes well with the food.'
  7. 'Drink them neat or drink them with lots of water.'
  8. 'Put five drops of the neat oil on a dry, cold compress and cover the burn.'
  9. 'And I followed that with a large shot of neat single malt whisky.'
  10. 'Lace half a bottle of neat spirits with a powerful horse laxative and leave it in the glove box or a prominent place in your home.'
  11. 'This is where Dylan Thomas drank 18 neat whiskies, his last.'
Very good; excellent.
  1. 'And you know what is neat, Lou, so far it appears to be working.'
  2. 'So, I invited this really neat guy whom I've been dating for the past three months.'
  3. 'Everyone was kind of reeling at the neologism but for me it sounded neat.'
  4. 'And I know, lots of neat people meet on dating services.'
  5. '"I know, but I thought it would sound neat, " Moe mumbled.'
  6. 'Incidentally, the Donna Summer homepage is really neat, albeit horrendously designed.'
  7. 'But it is kind of neat to see how my style had developed over time!'
  8. 'There are lots of little shops that have really neat stuff in them.'
  9. 'My mother and Lindsey have this really neat relationship.'
  10. 'How fortunate we are to be in the center of the exciting geometric growth of this new industry, with such neat people sharing the experience.'


A bovine animal.
  1. 'I had a pretty dinner for them, viz. a brace of stewed carp, six roast chickens and a jowl of hot salmon for the first course; a tanzy and two neats' tongues and cheese second.'


1. in a pleasingly orderly and clean condition: a neat room.

2. habitually orderly and clean in appearance or habits: a neat person.

3. of a simple, pleasing appearance, style, design, etc.: a neat cottage.

4. cleverly effective in character or execution: a neat scheme; a neat solution.

5. Slang. great; wonderful; fine: What a neat car!

6. clever, dexterous, or apt: She gave a neat characterization of the old woman.

7. straight (def 33).

More examples(as adjective)

"villas can be neat in scales."

"vegetables can be neat as accounts."

"ties can be neat beneath collars."

"sisters can be neat in habits."

"rooms can be neat as pinnies."

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(neat)Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch noot, also to the base of dialect nait meaning ‘companion’.