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Relating to mystics or religious mysticism.
  1. 'Many of my most profound mystical experiences were in drug-induced shamanic states.'
  2. 'At the core of all religious traditions is a mystical experience, an experience of unity, of oneness, with the divine.'
  3. 'Have you had a mystical or religious experience yet?'
  4. 'It's important for us to be critical in judging the mystical products of our religious traditions.'
  5. 'Besides catalyzing their mystical and religious inclinations, he also provides assistance of a more practical sort.'
  6. 'He described an interesting sociological research project, to create standards for what mystical religious experiences are.'
  7. '‘You are God’ is the big mystical secret of all religious traditions.'
  8. 'Patients with temporal lobe seizures sometimes have intense mystical and religious experiences.'
  9. 'This dogma can only be demolished by drawing clear distinctions between scientific evidence and the evidence of religious and/or mystical experience.'
  10. 'A common belief among ancient cultures was that the laws of numbers have not only a practical meaning, but also a mystical or religious one.'
  11. 'the mystical body of Christ'
  12. 'There's also the mystical, spiritual side of Ayurveda, which sees all intelligence and wisdom as flowing from one source.'
  13. 'However, this enthusiasm for the mystical potential of human technology is misplaced, illogical, and spiritually dangerous.'
  14. 'It is also fitting that she chose such an allegorical, almost mystical way to present such a brutal act.'
  15. 'Before we enter the mystical realm of organizational symbolism, first let me define the terminology.'
  16. 'Here's the real story: The notion of human rights is mystical.'
  17. 'And that was considered to be something mystical and spiritual.'
  18. 'It has been certified by nanas of umpteen ancient cultures to contain mystical curative properties.'
  19. 'For many mystery cults, salvation was to come from a person's association, through a mystical rite, with a hero who had conquered death.'
  20. 'These medical philosophers argued that bodily ills were caused by occult and mystical influences.'
  21. 'His interests were wide and many but by the turn of the century his main interests were esoteric, mystical, and occult.'
  22. 'Whenever a far-away or long-dead culture can be invoked, a mystery or an entire mystical philosophy can be generated.'
  23. 'It's not something you need to be initiated into with mystical rites.'
  24. 'For centuries, the meaning of the mysterious and mystical Egyptian hieroglyphs baffled the greatest minds in the world.'
  25. 'To those on a quest for spiritual evolution or transformation, they promise entry into an esoteric world of ancient mystical wisdom.'
  26. 'As belief in magick grew great and strong, its followers became more secretive and strict about the lore and beliefs of these mystical ways.'
  27. 'If hypnosis is not an altered state or gateway to a mystical and occult unconscious mind, then what is it?'
  28. 'a geometric figure of mystical significance'
  29. 'The UN's authority is instead one of those ineffable mystical mysteries.'
  30. 'Look, I appreciate that, in some deep mystical sociological sense, it was all our fault.'
  31. 'Some days I think anything is possible and the world is this mystical wonderful place and we all have a magical part in making life the way it is.'
  32. 'Inbreeding doesn't cause disease - it's not a mystical force that weakens the strength of the dog.'
  33. 'Dating back 100 million years, the diamond is rare, tenacious and mystical as no two are ever alike.'
  34. 'That the space program remains so important to the hearts and minds of Americans seems explicable only through the mystical nature of space exploration.'
Inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe, and fascination.
  1. 'With such strange and mystical forces at your command, you will possess all the skills and wisdom you need to defeat the Dark Lord.'
  2. 'The woman was dead, a walking, talking pale corpse seemingly brought back to life by the omnipotent mystical forces of necromancy.'
  3. 'I wonder if there is some sort of mystical force that compels me to be such a miserable bastard.'
  4. 'Instead of conveying any specific religious message, the whole piece projects a genuine sense of mystical awe that is irresistible.'
  5. 'We are left to our own resources to either wait in hope for someone to knock on our doorstep or to take fate in our own hands and go in search of that wonderful mystical phenomenon called love.'
  6. 'This someone or something is usually either God or the mystical forces of nature.'
  7. 'She thought of the universe as being full of mystical forces including gravitation and magnetism.'
  8. 'Trees as one of the oldest symbols of life have from the ancient period been associated with the mystical forces of nature.'
  9. 'He just wanted to try to explain the body without resorting to some mystical soul.'
  10. 'Like parapsychology, intelligent design is a defense of the soul; it just emphasizes intelligence rather than a mystical consciousness.'
  11. 'The way to mystical freedom is by way of letting go of conventional concerns and achieving union with the Dao.'


1. mystic; of or relating to supernatural agencies, affairs, occurrences, etc.: a strange, mystical experience.

2. of or relating to mystics or mysticism: mystical writings.

3. spiritually symbolic: a mystical vision of the hereafter.

4. obscure in meaning; mysterious: mystical circumstances.

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