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Having or involving several parts, elements, or members.
  1. 'a multiple pile-up'
  2. 'What follows is that you would then have different rules in relation to multiple publication in different States.'
  3. 'If you require a multiple user connection you will pay €152.'
  4. 'There have been numerous reports of multiple voting on a large scale in the country.'
  5. 'It is my misfortune to be living in a street in which there are several houses in multiple occupation.'
  6. 'Friends, the multiple agency bill collection system in the city, has to be the most citizen-friendly outfit of the Government.'
  7. 'To take one example, he says that every vaccination, single as well as multiple, carries a specific risk.'
  8. 'Thus we see multiple members of Congress talking about the Social security ‘surplus’.'
  9. 'I don't much care for members who serve on multiple boards.'
  10. 'If members ask multiple questions, they run the risk of Ministers answering the parts that they regard as less important.'
  11. 'All the members were charged with multiple counts of armed robbery, and murder.'
  12. 'The frequency of multiple mating in the population was first calculated using all clutches.'
  13. 'The financial sector is a much different story, with multiple levels of lending and intermediation dictating that analysis is at least as much art as science.'
  14. 'No other hockey family can make that claim, and neither can any family with multiple members in the baseball, basketball, or football halls.'
  15. 'Vicky had spent those four hours talking to other crew members about multiple topics; she had been extremely bored during those four hours.'
  16. 'Conversations between therapist and family members, and among multiple families began, slowly at first, and then became livelier.'
  17. 'The title track, which opens the album, slowly introduces the multiple elements of this work, reverently contrasting them to establish a perfect balance of impressions.'
  18. 'Discussing each article and generating multiple perspectives from group members was very important in this process.'
  19. 'This book, like the earlier accounts, acknowledges that multiple elements were at work in secularizing higher education.'
  20. 'Heart failure is a complex syndrome that affects multiple organ systems and has a great impact on the lifestyle of patients.'
  21. 'A jogger eyewitness ran to call an ambulance, but the pensioner died from multiple injuries before reaching hospital.'
  22. 'He was treated for multiple fractures and head injuries and was initially critically ill and fighting for his life.'
  23. 'He suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries from which he could not survive.'
  24. 'Medications are powerful, but potentially dangerous in the treatment of multiple diseases in elderly individuals.'
  25. 'A child who suffered multiple injuries in a road traffic accident in Italy was given subcutaneous injections of nerve growth factor in a last ditch effort to save an ischaemic leg.'
  26. 'She was taken to the Great Western Hospital with multiple injuries but according to police they were not life threatening.'
  27. 'None of the biopsies of these patients showed multiple infections.'
  28. 'This study demonstrates that multiple infections are present in patients with active tuberculosis in a high-incidence setting.'
  29. 'Her mother had bled to death from multiple injuries including a severed foot.'


A number that may be divided by another a certain number of times without a remainder.
  1. 'Another statistic charts CEO pay at Fortune 100 companies as a multiple of the average pay of workers at the same firms.'
  2. 'But when poor countries export to rich ones this goes up by a multiple of five.'
  3. 'It may be a multiple of earnings or a percentage of sales or whatever.'
  4. 'But if the hospital were sold it would fetch a multiple of that figure.'
  5. 'Primitive Pythagorean triangles are a bit like prime numbers in that every integer is either prime or a multiple of a prime.'
  6. 'However, the overall value of these firms would be a multiple of this figure.'
  7. 'Each line is obtained by adding a certain multiple of its predecessor to the one before that.'
  8. 'It is affecting people who are struggling, and wondering how they can ever buy a house on their income when land prices have gone to a multiple of three or four times the average wage.'
A shop with branches in many places, especially one selling a specific type of product.
  1. 'Grocery multiples increased their share of the beef market, selling almost 78 per cent of total sales.'
  2. 'Consumers can help, too, by patronising their local shops and shunning the multiples.'
  3. 'The farmer normally sells product to a processor who, in turn, sells it to a retailer, usually a multiple.'
  4. 'This does not mean the company would turn away the opportunity to sell to the multiples, or any other customer if the chance arose.'
  5. 'Indeed, organic ranges are now available from all the major multiples, and the majority of households do buy organic food, even if some are only doing so occasionally.'
  6. 'He is also considering exporting to Britain and developing own label products for the British multiples.'
  7. 'Anyone sidetracked by clothes or other departments within multiple stores is sent back to the start.'
  8. 'Personally I think York has got everything, it's got multiples, individual shops, attractions and we've got beautiful countryside.'
  9. 'Recent trends in the food retail economy may mean that many small and large multiple stores are increasingly moving back into city centres and local sites closer to relatively deprived populations.'
  10. 'While produced from Dublin, the 15-year-old magazine is focused on the UK market, where it is sold on subscription to retail multiples.'


1. consisting of, having, or involving several or many individuals, parts, elements, relations, etc.; manifold.

2. Electricity. (of circuits) arranged in parallel. (of a circuit or circuits) having a number of points at which connection can be made.

3. Botany. (of a fruit) collective. noun

4. Mathematics. a number that contains another number an integral number of times without a remainder: 12 is a multiple of


5. Electricity. a group of terminals arranged to make a circ

More examples(as adjective)

"vortexes can be multiple due to charges."

"people can be multiple in disabilities."

"sclerosises can be multiple."

"injuries can be multiple."

"operations can be multiple."

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Mid 17th century: from French, from late Latin multiplus, alteration of Latin multiplex (see multiplex).