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Of, resembling, or characteristic of a mother, especially in being caring, protective, and kind.
  1. 'She smiled and placed her hand on his cheek in a motherly sort of gesture, thanking him again for the Merlot.'
  2. 'Beth is distant and cold to Conrad, unable to show him the type of motherly love he needs and desires.'
  3. 'Many women are torn between their nationalism and motherly instincts.'
  4. 'Mia muttered something to her, and then she looked at me, her green eyes looking at me in a motherly sort of way.'
  5. 'Katrina and Shannon were giggling like little children while Judith acted with motherly affection.'
  6. 'She also plays a motherly role to her nieces and nephews, since she considers them her own.'
  7. 'I probably got a motherly smack on the back of the legs for the escapade.'
  8. 'Her own daughters would undoubtedly have laughed at how motherly she sounded.'
  9. 'And her motherly demeanor makes it easier for other staff members to seek her advice.'
  10. 'Kidnappers just do not put up with disapproving glances and motherly clucks.'
  11. 'Jane, oddly, was showing her motherly instincts as she rubbed each of their backs with her hand.'


1. pertaining to, characteristic of, or befitting a mother; maternal: motherly solicitude.

2. like a mother: to take a motherly interest in an orphan. adverb

3. in the manner of a mother.

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"people can be motherly."

"ways can be motherly."

"fathers can be motherly."

"dressers can be motherly."

"tillers can be motherly."

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Old English mōdorlic (see mother, -ly).