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Of or in the middle part or position of a range.
  1. in combination 'mid-brown hair'
  2. 'It is hoped that the successful candidate will take up his/her position in mid January.'
  3. 'A deliberate policy of promoting free trade can be traced back to the mid nineteenth century.'
  4. 'In the mid 19th century the air of cities seemed to be much fouler than their water.'
  5. 'Here, a selection of just over a hundred sheets ranges from the late gothic to the mid sixteenth century.'
  6. 'She said that the canal had to be dug with pick and shovel with hundreds of men employed before its opening in the mid eighteenth century.'
  7. 'The earliest burial at the Tonebaun site dated to the 1400s while the most recent was from the mid twentieth century.'
  8. 'The list of Shiraz is a full page long with prices ranging from the mid twenties a bottle to well over $100.'
  9. 'The highlight is a unique decorative gold jewellery fitting in the form of an animal head, which dates from the mid to late ninth century.'
  10. 'In the mid 19th century it was home to patriotic Viscount Palmerston, the oldest man ever to become Prime Minister.'
  11. 'A man, believed to be an English national and in his mid 40s, was pronounced dead at the scene.'


In the middle of.


    1. being at or near the middle point of: in mid autumn.

    2. being or occupying a middle place or position: in the mid nineties of the last century.

    3. Phonetics. (of a vowel) articulated with an opening above the tongue relatively intermediate between those for high and low: the vowels of beet, bet, and hot are respectively high, mid, and low.Compare high (def 23), low1 (def 30). noun

    4. Archaic. the middle.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "dates can be mid in/at/on dates."

    "ses can be mid."

    "centuries can be mid."

    "oceans can be mid."

    "afternoons can be mid."

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    (mid)Shortening of amid.