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  1. 'A predecessor of the pop-up window, the fast meta refresh trick involves opening one page and almost instantly having your browser redirected to another page.'


(of a creative work) referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential.
  1. 'Have we been, again, duped by the dripping irony that infects the post / meta genre, rendering it all but useless?'
  2. 'It's a song about several songs, and this meta aspect never sounds forced or calculated - instead, it seems artful and intuitive.'


1. (in ancient Rome) a column or post, or a group of columns or posts, placed at each end of a racetrack to mark the turning places.

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"provinces can be meta."

"groups can be meta."

"presidents can be meta."

"series can be meta."

"offerings can be meta."

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(meta)1980s: from meta-.