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    1. 'Met Office forecasts and advice play a vital helping keep the country's transport systems open.'
    2. 'The Met Office provides a range of services for the public on behalf of government, including cold weather payments and the National Severe Weather Warning Service.'
    The Meteorological Office in the UK.
      1. 'Larmore says her dog Sophie the Schnauzer - who has trodden the boards at the Met, Paris and Geneva - gets the most adulation now.'
      2. 'The Metropolitan Police Service - usually called the Met - was involved in the bid.'
      3. 'Speed bumps are also seen as a hazard to law abiding citizens and have caused over £7,500 in damages to Met police cars over a three month period.'
      The Metropolitan Police in London.
        The Metropolitan Opera House in New York.
        1. 'Among American museums, the Met is probably the only one that could attempt as comprehensive a survey as that attempted in'Designing Nature'.'
        2. 'Some of these panels are now in the collections of other museums, like the Met in New York.'
        3. 'Many museums, including the Met, have returned artifacts stolen or looted to their rightful owners.'
        4. 'His elegant voice is familiar to many who have visited the Met and have used the museum's audio guides.'
        5. 'The Met is one of the world's most inclusive great museums.'

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        1. simple past tense and past participle of meet1 .

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        "presidents can be met."

        "people can be met."

        "leaders can be met."

        "boxes can be met."

        "resistances can be met."

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