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Relating to the Messiah.
  1. 'For one thing, there are prophecies about the messianic era in the Torah.'
  2. 'In his proclamation of the birth of the messianic child and its reign of peace without end, the prophet gave new hope to a deeply oppressed and depressed people.'
  3. 'If so, also this theme in Jesus' messianic self-understanding has had an impact on the public life of society and the state, not least during the past thirty years in Latin America.'
  4. 'An eschatological messianic banquet is foretold there in which Jesus will sit once again with his disciples.'
  5. 'The very late rabbinic midrash on Lamentations in fact takes this text explicitly as a messianic prophecy.'
  6. 'Even though healing was not the basis for claims about his messianic role or divine identity, the gospels' interpretation of his identity and power include frequent references to that activity.'
  7. 'He pointed to his wonderful deeds, which fulfilled the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament and were wrought by the power of God.'
  8. 'The chief priests and scribes, however, are scandalized by the application of this messianic title to Jesus: ‘Do you hear what these are saying?’'
  9. 'If we take into consideration the passages in I Enoch 46-47, it is clear that the Son of Man figure is depicted as a messianic human figure, resident in heaven and also a judge.'
  10. 'This claim is made not on an historical basis but on a theological one with the assertion of God's fatherhood and anointing for the messianic ruler of God's people.'
  11. 'the messianic expectations of that time'
  12. 'The belief in the coming of the messianic era belongs to that latter kind of hope.'
  13. 'Not only did the Israelites claim that the world we know is not the world that God intended, but they also expressed their hope in a messianic age in which God's original intention would be realized.'
  14. 'These messianic beliefs in turn led them to start a religion-driven settlement of the whole Promised Land in the Occupied Territories.'
  15. 'In accordance with Melton's theory, the messianic belief underwent a process of spiritualization.'
  16. 'But the memories of kingship could not die, and so gave birth to messianic hope.'
  17. 'While this messianic hope exceeded all of life's experiential limits, it was conceived during the time of the Babylonian exile, at Israel's ‘ground zero.’'
  18. 'Defining Judaism in terms of messianic expectation is defining it from a Christian rather than a Jewish perspective.'
  19. 'It's a new, determined, almost messianic belief that the technology that caused all this trouble is what's going to save them now.'
  20. 'Where I think the Jews went ‘wrong’ was in agreeing to Statehood, at all - or at least in justifying statehood with messianic expectations.'
  21. 'The difference between these two novellas is the difference between aestheticist despair and messianic hope.'
Fervent or passionate.
  1. 'He, however, is determined to go forward, blinded by his messianic militarism and his passion to feed and grow the military-industrial complex while in office.'
  2. 'This labouring together month upon month may lend testimony to the ethos of messianic intensity (albeit inverted backwards) oozing from ‘Taming of the Wasps’.'
  3. 'The electronic keyboards have almost wiped it out of existence, but a Bangalore trio has been propagating it with messianic zeal.'
  4. 'There was also a disconcertingly messianic intensity to his eyes.'
  5. 'Yet I feel pretty sure that recreating the messianic zeal about Early Intervention that I felt that day in Granton would do nothing but good.'
  6. 'The messianic idea animated Jewish resistance to Roman occupation and sustained the Jews for centuries in the diaspora.'
  7. 'He was said to have been messianic in his zeal to make vaccinations mandatory because of his alleged stockpile of smallpox that, needless to say, never turned up.'
  8. 'In fact, the administration has a messianic commitment to destabilizing the area, under the rubric of ‘democratization.’'
  9. 'This might be true, but not in countries led by terrorists or fanatics possessed by messianic visions or that have no political or strategic discipline.'
  10. 'In handling the crisis, then, a justifiable prudential strategy was, by March, overtaken and overwhelmed by this paradigm, underpinned by a commitment that became increasingly messianic.'


1. the promised and expected deliverer of the Jewish people.

2. Jesus Christ, regarded by Christians as fulfilling this promise and expectation. John 4:25, 2


3. (usually lowercase) any expected deliverer.

4. (usually lowercase) a zealous leader of some cause or project.

5. (italics) an oratorio (1742) by George Frideric Handel.

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(Messiah)Mid 19th century: from French messianique, from Messie (see messiah), on the pattern of rabbinique ‘rabbinical’.