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A person who carries a message or is employed to carry messages.
  1. 'If no traders could be found, special messengers had to be employed for the task.'
  2. 'Perhaps by then city staff will have reported on what they think the impact of this could be on the city economy - although finding a messenger to deliver the message may be difficult.'
  3. 'All members can be alerted to urgent messages by messengers or via the party whips.'
  4. 'Negotiations about the precise wording of the speech are intense, with messages and messengers traversing the strait on a near-daily basis.'
  5. 'They had spent a great deal of time copying the letters that would be carried by messengers to the various leaders of the Elders around the world.'
  6. 'Margaret joined West Middlesex Hospital at the tender age of 15, employed as a messenger on just £2.50 for a 43-hour week.'
  7. 'It was generally a servant's task to take messages from the messengers.'
  8. 'Agni was the next and was important in the sacrifices and was considered as a messenger, carrying the messages to the heavens, as the flames of the sacrificial fires ascended upwards.'
  9. 'Manto is only a messenger, she is carrying out duties laid out by government.'
  10. 'He was employed as a foot messenger, so he was on the subway frequently and took advantage of it, doing motion tags.'
  11. 'It translates genetic information from messenger ribonucleic acid and makes protein accordingly.'
  12. 'RNA is the messenger molecule that takes information from DNA and uses it to make proteins.'
  13. 'The afternoon slump, when eyelids droop and shoulders sag, is the result of a complicated dance of the body's chemical messengers.'


Send (a document or package) by messenger.
  1. 'Knowing I was ill she messengered me over some echinacea and zinc and ginger tea.'
  2. 'If that's the case, Perle can messenger or e-mail the transcripts to me, and I'll get them posted on the Web overnight.'
  3. 'One day I received by messenger a dirty and smudged envelope with no return address.'
  4. 'This speech does not report the movement of the betrothal message, from kingly words recounted, to messenger, to scroll, to herald's voice.'
  5. 'But Jandd's massive Gabriel messenger bag is closer to the size most hard-working street urchins on wheels actually use for messengering, and it's definitely up to the task.'

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1. a person who carries a message or goes on an errand for another, especially as a matter of duty or business.

2. a person employed to convey official dispatches or to go on other official or special errands: a bank messenger.

3. Nautical. a rope or chain made into an endless belt to pull on an anchor cable or to drive machinery from some power source, as a capstan or winch. a light line by which a heavier line, as a hawser, can be pulled across a gap between a ship and a pier, a buo

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"careers can be messengering."


(messenger)Middle English: from Old Northern French messanger, variant of Old French messager, from Latin missus (see message).


shoot (or kill) the messenger