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A dirty or untidy state of things or of a place.
  1. 'my hair was a mess'
  2. 'I don't want to talk to anyone, see anyone, do anything, My hair is a mess.'
  3. 'The room was in a mess, and there was already a thin layer of dust on the floor as if no one had cleaned it for several days.'
  4. 'Soon, her almost naked body was a mess of food grease and sauces.'
  5. 'Go to Paddy's shed to avoid making a mess of the kitchen.'
  6. 'We stocked up on cornflour, hoping it was the same thing, then proceeded to make one hell of a mess all over my kitchen'
  7. 'The kitchen is a mess and I walked in, took one look around and walked out.'
  8. 'He began to clean his hair, which was a mess of dirty tangles.'
  9. 'We don't make a mess in the kitchen and we're mostly out of the library anyway.'
  10. 'His room was a complete mess, and it didn't surprise her, but it was still gross all the same.'
  11. 'Like mess in a kitchen in a shared house - they just appeared, and I don't know where they came from.'
  12. 'I looked at the tangled mess, and then felt a rough bump.'
  13. 'They all toppled on top of one another, a tangled mess of arms and legs.'
  14. 'Mr Bond said that before the council collected the mess this week it was piled five feet high against the wall of the flats.'
  15. 'Residents of Speedwell Road, Old Heath, were disgusted after Colchester Council refuse collectors left the mess in their wake yesterday morning.'
  16. 'She grabbed a bundle of tissues from a tissue box and tried to mop up the mess.'
  17. 'He started mopping up the mess and picking up pieces of glass.'
  18. 'Mr. Sims, the drama teacher, crawled on the floor, trying to collect the mess.'
  19. 'With a soft sigh, Shanza began sorting through the scattered mess of what may have been his herb collection.'
  20. 'It fell on a telephone pole and TV cables making them a tangled mess.'
  21. 'Then without a word headed over to the tangled mess where I assumed he had been sleeping and retrieved a pillow and one of the sheets.'
  22. 'I look a mess'
  23. 'I want to ride every hour of the waking day, but after a month of riding, just an hour turns me into a sweating, out-of-breath, pathetic mess.'
  24. 'Two nights and three days on a smoky train, I was a real mess by the time I got to Matagorda.'
  25. 'Police say he is responsible for pushing dog mess through letterboxes, smashing windows, damaging cars, pelting people with eggs and assaulting other youngsters.'
  26. 'Frustrated Kirkby Stephen town councillors have again appealed to the public to help curb the growing problem of littering and dog mess in the area.'
  27. 'Bosses at the council are warning that a number of blitzes have already been carried out around the borough, and owners caught not clearing up their dog mess will be prosecuted.'
  28. 'One parent was particularly upset after her four-year-old daughter stepped in dog mess on the way to school and then rode her bike over some the next day.'
  29. 'A quarter of this is spent on cleaning up dog mess.'
  30. 'Cricklade Town Council issued a warning to dog owners after receiving numerous complaints that pavements and grass verges were littered with dog mess.'
  31. 'Like me, most bereaved people would regard a shrine in a roadside verge, often festooned with litter and dog mess and shrouded in vehicle fumes, as anything but a fitting memorial.'
  32. '‘My children walk to school down that lane and there's nothing worse than standing in dog mess,’ he added.'
  33. 'A new poster campaign, warning that leaving litter and dog mess on the street is an offence, has also gone on display at key poster sites and on the city's Supertram.'
  34. 'If I was to be caught not cleaning up after my dogs, I would be obliged to pay a fine, yet the bins provided for disposing of dog mess are constantly overflowing causing a disgusting stench.'
A situation that is confused and full of problems.
  1. 'Regardless of the format, they will make a mess of things.'
  2. 'The French and other Continentals would always make a mess of things.'
  3. 'So we have a former foreign Minister, now a trade Minister, overseas with Mr Peters, mopping up the mess and bagging him at the same time.'
  4. 'At this stage, there is a real mess out there in local government in respect of aquaculture reform.'
  5. 'But when intellectuals decide to improve the world they inevitably make a mess of it.'
  6. '‘The only risk is if the Government make a mess of things and the stadium is not completed as planned,’ said Mr Hobbs.'
  7. 'It's obvious to me that charity does not begin at home anymore, and it does not matter who we elect to run this country, they will make a mess of it anyway.'
  8. 'The situation is a mess, and a confusing one, but there is no point in even talking about changing it.'
  9. 'And, when it comes to your finances, courage is often needed to admit mistakes and begin mopping up a financial mess.'
  10. 'It'll make a mess of it if you put it into the Middle East equation as well.'
  11. 'he needs treatment of some kind—he's a real mess'
  12. 'It shows that young Leftists are a real psychological mess - with VERY unhappy childhoods.'
  13. 'All through my pregnancy I was so scared that I would lose it; I was in a real mess.'
A portion of semi-liquid food.
  1. 'He declared that the Boudin Blanc from Safeway was better than the mushy mess of sausage he'd been presented with.'
  2. 'A foamy mess of soggy bread floated on top of a thick orange liquid.'
  3. 'Now she was doing something very fast with her hands and a mess of wet herbs, and slapping it onto the wound, ignoring the scream of her patient.'
  4. 'The manager looks at my plate - a mess of crumbled bread and glistening meat - and says Can I Help You in a tone that blames me for living.'
  5. 'A pair of the triangular vegetable pastries, each cut in half with the whole thing covered in a big mess of tomato, yogurt and chickpeas, this is quite an addictive dish.'
A building or room providing meals and recreational facilities for members of the armed forces.
  1. '‘We can opt to eat at the mess or cook our own food at home,’ says Mr. Kamath.'
  2. 'They were often blamed for eating all the sandwiches before the other officers returned to mess at night.'
  3. 'All the troops deny fixing anything overtly military and praise the excellent and pre-killed food the mess serves.'
A large amount or quantity of.
  1. 'A mess of us will convene in San Diego for this year's Comic-Con International.'
  2. 'Although there are some truly enjoyable moments, The Last Kiss is generally a mess of stories and lacks the heart that makes a romantic movie so memorable.'
  3. 'I wish I had a mess of cherries off of our largest tree.'


Make untidy or dirty.
  1. 'My eyes were bloodshot and my black hair was messed beyond imagination.'
  2. 'She messed my already disorderly hair with her fingers.'
  3. 'He was loosening his tie as he spoke, messing his hair, making himself more party-worthy.'
  4. '‘That's what I said too’ Kenny gave a short grin and placed his hand over my head to mess my hair more.'
  5. 'He pulled the hood of his sweatshirt over his head, messing his already messy black hair.'
  6. 'I watched Danny's fingers as they trailed through my hair, completely messing my hairstyle, which had taken hours to do.'
  7. 'Her short black hair was messed a little, a big black bow placed on the side of her head, holding strands back.'
  8. 'Michael smiled and patted his sister in the head, messing her hair.'
  9. 'Father nagged playfully, messing my hair again.'
  10. 'I walked to her and messed her hair, ‘good morning.’'
  11. 'they had some problems with dogs messing in the store'
  12. 'Crows, seagulls, collared doves, magpies, and large flocks of starlings - all squawking, hooting and messing on everyone's property.'
  13. 'The older guys used to say, as a compliment, that Frankie was so good, if a fly messed on the music score he could read and play that too.'
  14. 'Dogs mess in the wrong places and somebody has to clean up.'
  15. 'So Hazel does not like horses messing in the street, fearing a health hazard, but she drives a car.'
  16. 'I have written to your letters page before trying to shame a lady dog walker who persistently allowed her dog to mess outside my house.'
  17. 'A parish councillor has decided enough is enough and is declaring war on dog owners who allow their pets to mess in public places.'
  18. 'If planning permission were granted, then there is the age-old chestnut of any memorial being vandalised or messed upon by pigeons.'
  19. 'When he sees a muzzle-flash in his vision, he messes his pants before he falls dead or wounded.'
  20. 'In fact, I am so frightened, I fear I might just mess my pants!'
Have one's meals with a particular person, especially as a member of an armed forces' mess.

    More definitions

    1. a dirty, untidy, or disordered condition: The room was in a mess.

    2. a person or thing that is dirty, untidy, or disordered.

    3. a state of embarrassing confusion: My affairs are in a mess.

    4. an unpleasant or difficult situation: She got into a mess driving without a license.

    5. a dirty or untidy mass, litter, or jumble: a mess of papers.

    6. a group regularly taking their meals together.

    7. the meal so taken.

    8. mess hall. 9. Naval. messroom. 10. a quantity of foo

    More examples(as adjective)

    "pavements can be messed."


    (mess)Middle English: from Old French mes ‘portion of food’, from late Latin missum ‘something put on the table’, past participle of mittere ‘send, put’. The original sense was ‘a serving of (semi-liquid) food’, later ‘liquid food for an animal’; this gave rise (early 19th century) to the senses ‘unappetizing concoction’ and ‘predicament’, on which sense 1 is based. In late Middle English the term also denoted any of the small groups into which the company at a banquet was divided (who were served fro


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