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An intermediate scale between those of weather systems and of microclimates, on which storms and other phenomena occur.
  1. 'Potentially, the metric varies at the same scales as body temperature, from the microscale to the mesoscale.'
  2. 'Limited, but consistent data from mesoscale slip indicators suggest sinistral shear with a minor normal component.'
  3. 'The rain-bringing mesoscale convective system is strong, and the torrential rains move slowly northwards along the Western side of the mountains.'
  4. 'The resulting mesoscale model integrates atomic detail where essential with a macroscopic representation at the polymer level to permit long time trajectories of a large system.'
  5. 'As for the mesoscale normal faults inside the Fault Zone, they cannot be considered as classical brittle planar normal fault planes downwarping a hanging wall relative to a footwall along a single discrete plane.'
  6. 'The response of the heterotrophic bacterial community to iron addition was determined during the mesoscale iron-enrichment experiment conducted in the eastern equatorial Pacific during May - June 1995.'
  7. 'In this first project, the collaborators plan to focus on molecular and mesoscale simulation methods, as well as related high throughput experimental data.'
  8. 'Iron uptake and physiological response of phytoplankton during a mesoscale Southern Ocean iron enrichment'
  9. 'We restricted our reported mesoscale data to sites of unequivocal Upper Pliocene-Holocene age and consequently report very few fault-slip data.'
  10. 'The mesoscale faults in the Boom clay formed in an early stage of the basin evolution, and were triggered by differential stress increase induced by tilting of the sediments during differential uplift of the basement.'

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1. pertaining to meteorological phenomena, such as wind circulation and cloud patterns, that are about 1–100 km (0.6–60 miles) in horizontal extent.

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"landformses can be mesoscale."