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Relating to or denoting the middle part of the Stone Age, between the Palaeolithic and Neolithic.
  1. 'The way to find microliths (small Mesolithic flint barbs), he said, was to search springtime molehills.'
  2. 'Large areas of forestry had been cleared from the Mesolithic onward and mixed farming formed an established agriculture system across the whole of Britain.'
  3. 'They found a grave pit containing fragments of bones which may be human, as well as Mesolithic and late Neolithic flint tools and pottery.'
  4. 'She discovered that the proportion of skulls with fractures and dents was greater for the Mesolithic than for any subsequent period.'
  5. 'During the Mesolithic, sophisticated hunting tools, including the spear thrower and the bow and arrow, were invented, the latter about 12,000 years ago.'
  6. 'Limpets are not much used in Britain today, but their persistence on Mesolithic midden sites, as well as on more recent middens, suggests that their role must once have been much wider than a food of last resort.'
  7. 'The other newly-discovered building, on the coast near Dunbar, is possibly the earliest, and certainly the most substantial, Mesolithic house in Scotland.'
  8. 'The Mesolithic, or Middle Stone Age, can seem a very remote and ‘mysterious’ time.'
  9. 'These are the last remnants of the forest which stood in late Mesolithic times in this area.'
  10. 'After that I worked on a Roman villa, a Mesolithic settlement, a Medieval settlement and within a Saxon Abbey precinct - all by the age of 17!'

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1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a transitional period of the Stone Age intermediate between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic periods, characterized by adaptation to a hunting, collecting, and fishing economy based on the use of forest, lakeside, and seashore environments; Epipaleolithic.

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(Mesolithic)Mid 19th century: from meso- ‘middle’ + Greek lithos ‘stone’ + -ic.