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Causing a person to become completely transfixed and unaware of their surroundings.
  1. 'Guterson creates a disturbing, mesmeric atmosphere, leaving his readers unsure whether Ann's visions are the result of divine revelation or magic mushrooms.'
  2. 'Some of them achieve a pleasingly mesmeric effect by their constant repetition of words like ‘match’ or ‘jump’, but to me they might as well be automatic writing.'
  3. 'And its mesmeric power has been only slightly diminished by Adam and Joe's mercilessly spot-on soft-toy pee-take.'
  4. 'In true mettle, Usha had hundreds of colourfully dressed students dancing to her mesmeric voice for the full dress rehearsal on Thursday.'
  5. 'For me, there's something absolutely mesmeric about this.'
  6. 'We know now that, during his fifty years of virtual isolation, Darger had been constructing his own unique imaginary world, a world which he drew and described with mesmeric finesse.'
  7. 'There was also the mesmeric Mexican duo Rodrigo and Gabriela, whose intricate and sun kissed slices of Spanish guitar made even the most hard hearted of Gringos jump for joy.'
  8. 'Ballard's work is powered by a number of key obsessions and his voice quietly leads us through them in these notes, mesmeric, dream-like and yet powerfully clarifying.'
  9. 'At times their flowing, passing, attacking football style was almost mesmeric, and Mowbray and his crew brought long-starved fans back to Easter Road and won many new admirers.'
  10. 'As the wicked replicant, Helm's performance becomes a mesmeric facial anthology of wickedness: sneering, leering and winking.'
  11. 'mesmeric anaesthesia'


1. produced by mesmerism; hypnotic.

2. compelling; fascinating.

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"trances can be mesmeric."

"performances can be mesmeric."

"magics can be mesmeric."

"ways can be mesmeric."

"universes can be mesmeric."

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