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(of an environment or habitat) containing a moderate amount of moisture.
  1. 'The plants occurred in mesic wooded habitats as well as rocky sandbars of Halls Creek, and the sandy shore of the Little Miami River.'
  2. 'Because desert larks appear to have low reproductive rates, it may be that they also have low mortality rates compared with larks in more mesic environments, an idea we are currently testing.'
  3. 'Perhaps Pliolemmus preferred very mesic environments, or was at least semi-aquatic.'
  4. 'The species also typically occupies less weedy habitats in slightly more mesic conditions than R. recognita.'
  5. 'The broadly distributed woodlouse, Armadillidium vulgare is a common representative of mesic to mesic-xeric habitats.'
  6. 'In the Hawaiian Islands, they have colonized most habitat-types, including high mesic, arid coastal, and cloud forest areas.'
  7. 'From there, other authors suggested that angiosperms moved into disturbed streamside habitats in mesic environments.'
  8. 'One can hypothesize that Clethraceae, Cyrillaceae, and Sarraceniaceae have had an unbroken history of occupancy of mesic or bog habitats that are relatively constant in water availability throughout the year.'
  9. 'Trillium grandiflorum inhabits mesic habitats, where herbaceous cover is dense relative to drier, less fertile sites.'
  10. 'Woodland sites occur in mesic forests, often associated with streams and trails, where the clover is exposed to indirect sunlight.'

Pronunciation /ˈmiːzɪk//ˈmɛzɪk/adjective

Relating to a meson.


    1. of, relating to, or adapted to an environment having a balanced supply of moisture.

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    (mesic)1920s: from Greek mesos ‘middle’ + -ic.