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A sheep of a breed with long, fine wool.
  1. 'I ran over 1,200 cows and over 2,000 fine wool merino ewes and 300 crossbred ewes.'
  2. 'The sheep was ideal, the merino sheep because it has big neck folds, the wool breeders grew them with a lot of skin.'
  3. 'Before the clinical investigation, they performed a biomechanical investigation using 30 merino sheep.'
  4. 'In 1773, English navigator and explorer Captain James Cook landed two merino sheep in the Marlborough Sounds, in the north of the South Island.'
  5. 'I was deeply upset to learn fro my friends at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals about the extreme suffering of merino lambs and sheep in the Australian wool industry.'
  6. 'In fact, it was whipped up locally, using dollops of lanolin, which happily was plentiful in the land of merinos.'
  7. 'Running tourists alongside merinos has saved many a cockie's bottom line.'
  8. 'The Langes first proposed that they buy the two stations, take the cattle off them and concentrate entirely on traditional merino sheep.'
  9. 'Before World War Two, we used to eat what was left after the merino had given up its wool.'
  10. 'The participants and production crew moved to Oxley Downs, six hours drive from Sydney to the property with 12 buildings, a dilapidated garden, horses, chickens, geese, a cow and 1.300 merino sheep.'
  11. 'I was so pleased with the bright one that I did, that I decided to do a conservative one, using the brushed alpaca / merino that Lesley sent me from Australia, mixed with some Mercury in sunrise.'
  12. 'Make your coffee run in cushy style with this cashmere pullover and merino shearling vest.'
  13. 'In addition, you're sure to find a lot of merino wool in stores, as well as plenty of sharp, tailored suits.'
  14. 'The yarn is a cashmere merino laceweight that I bought from Scotland, in a very soft linen colour.'
  15. 'Different fabrics include merino or light wool, cashmere, and cotton, which can all be worn under sports jackets.'
  16. 'A lightweight V-neck sweater is a great idea (made of fabrics such as merino wool or cotton - any breathable, cool fabric), and you can wear the sweater over a shirt, with the shirt collar exposed.'
  17. 'The cloth, a lightweight charcoal grey worsted made with Extrafine merino wool, has been produced by top weaver Clissold.'
  18. 'Every single one of her cardigans is beautifully shaped and made from high-quality heavy-gauge cotton (or merino wool for autumn and winter wear).'
  19. 'Since introducing merino in 1846, Hollins had become a leading spinner of this fine wool-cotton mixture.'
  20. 'In the grand salon, blue merino covered the chairs and sofas and served for curtains.'
  21. 'When the paper patterns were colored, the stitcher replicated the colors with her palette of soft merino wool yarns.'

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1. (often initial capital letter) one of a breed of sheep, raised originally in Spain, valued for their fine wool.

2. wool from such sheep.

3. a yarn or fabric made from this wool. adjective

4. made of merino wool, yarn, or cloth.

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"skirtingses can be merino."

"fleeces can be merino."

"wools can be merino."

"prices can be merino."

"lambs can be merino."

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Late 18th century: from Spanish, of unknown origin.