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An item of sweet food made from a mixture of egg whites and sugar baked until crisp.
  1. mass noun 'cover the pudding with meringue'
  2. 'This allows for the tremendous skill of morphing into delicious meringues.'
  3. 'When they stopped by the Inn, Debbye had asked Wendy about the possibility of some nut meringues, and the vixen had happily supplied her with four dozen of the crunchy delicacies.'
  4. 'Chocolate-pistachio meringues, easily made ahead, are a sweet ending.'
  5. 'Not only do they thicken and enrich sauces, bind stuffings, lighten and expand on whisking to create soufflés and meringues, they can also be cooked in a variety of ways to serve as a meal in their own right.'
  6. 'Modern versions often include ice cream and omit the meringues.'
  7. 'I often helped out in the kitchen cooking meringues and cakes, the usual childhood stuff.'
  8. 'I've had a poached egg and a sausage roll and four meringues.'
  9. 'He observed her recipe ingredients, and asked, ‘Nut meringues?’'
  10. 'The heaving fruit bowl, the waiting at the school gates and the planned attempt to master meringues are concerted efforts by Eclair to squeeze into the good mum role.'
  11. 'Wendy had grouped them in sets of two pinwheels, or three meringues, or five cookies, each.'


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    1. a delicate, frothy mixture made with beaten egg whites and sugar or hot syrup, and browned, used as a topping for pies, pastry, etc.

    2. a pastry or pastry shell made by baking such a mixture, sometimes filled with fruit, whipped cream, etc.

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    "pies can be meringue."


    From French, of unknown origin.