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Used to emphasize how small or insignificant someone or something is.
  1. 'the city is a mere 20 minutes from some stunning countryside'
  2. 'Yesterday's rally was part explained by slightly better US manufacturing data, suggesting the battered sector might be showing a mere hint of improvement.'
  3. 'Immediately he recalled the events that had just taken place mere days ago.'
  4. 'Never let the parents know, he had warned what seemed like mere glasses ago.'
  5. 'It was actually quite funny to him how the bullet weapons had seemed so advanced to him a mere seven moths ago.'
  6. 'Sure, I'm stating the obvious, but it wasn't this way a mere year ago, was it?'
  7. 'They are observed, your Honour, for a number of reasons, some of which may be historical, but basically they are mere insignificant courtesies.'
  8. 'Apple candy, cotton wool, melon and a mere hint of liquorice.'
  9. 'However, a mere two minutes later, Partick were back on level terms.'
  10. 'The cause of her current angst came from the collapsing of her younger brother inside their home a mere three days ago.'
  11. 'However, just a few decades ago, the mere mention of weight training was taboo in a lot of the popular sports.'
  12. 'The smile I had mere seconds ago was replaced with a look of uneasiness.'
  13. 'These snatches are mere hints not out and out plagiarism, and most people would, perhaps, not notice them.'
  14. 'A new job and house came in quick succession, and I found myself in a beautiful terraced ‘cottage’; a mere ten minutes stroll from the city centre.'
  15. 'If you are already groaning with boredom at the mere hint of another mention of Big Brother, I'm sorry about that.'
  16. 'Was it a mere decade ago he was teaching me about history?'
  17. 'Kael felt his cheeks heat up at the mere hint of the heated promise in Sully's voice, and he cursed the blush, shaking his head and looking away to hide it.'
  18. 'In order to peak for the Games, however, they reduce their training time to mere minutes in the days preceding their events while keeping the calorie count virtually constant.'
  19. 'She couldn't bring herself to tell Cassie what had happened a mere hour ago.'
  20. 'Clearly, the whole thing was a mere idea two weeks ago, and already demolition has begun.'
  21. 'It somehow reminded her so much of feelings that had only slipped through her fingers mere weeks ago.'
  22. 'Consequently, the mere fact of life is not enough and public health medicine has become concerned with making people healthier while alive as well as preventing them from dying prematurely.'
  23. 'It's as realistic as insisting that history should be totally objective, when in reality we know that the mere fact of choosing what to record and what to disregard instantly makes it subjective.'
  24. 'I think the mere fact of wanting to own lots of weapons is enough for me to think that perhaps you shouldn't.'
  25. 'The mere fact that sickness levels require wholescale investigation suggests managers are unable to explain what happens within their areas of responsibility.'
  26. 'He added: ‘The mere fact that you conclude that she was suspicious or even very suspicious or ought to have been suspicious is not enough.’'
  27. 'The mere fact of his going to university - the only student on his estate to do so and the first blind student at Sheffield University - would have been a remarkable achievement.'
  28. 'The mere fact that they were his enemies was reason enough.'
  29. 'He testified that the Hells Angels organization has a reputation for violence and intimidation, such that the mere fact of being a member is enough to intimidate others.'
  30. 'Both my brother and sister call them that too, and in fact the mere idea of calling my mother ‘mum’ seems really weird, like I'm talking about someone else entirely.'
  31. 'Is the mere fact that people can do this reason enough to do it?'


A Maori war club, especially one made of greenstone.
  1. 'The Mere (traditional Maori club) buried in the whales tail is a symbolic act of war.'


1. being nothing more nor better than: a mere pittance; He is still a mere child.

2. Obsolete. pure and unmixed, as wine, a people, or a language. fully as much as what is specified; completely fulfilled or developed; absolute.

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"facts can be mere."

"percents can be mere."

"existences can be mere."

"presences can be mere."

"people can be mere."

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