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Of mercury with a valency of two; of mercury(II)
  1. 'Synthetic steroids, phenylbutazone, lead or mercuric sulphide can be added.'
  2. 'Cinnabar is heated in air until the mercuric sulfide of which it is made breaks down to yield pure mercury metal: HgS - heat Hg + S.'
  3. 'During the Great Depression one enterprising young man sought to improve his lot by salvaging ‘quicksilver’ from cinnabar (HgS, mercuric sulfide) leftover from an old mining venture in the area.'
  4. 'For example, toxic materials such as lead, sulfuric acid, and mercuric sulfide were used.'
  5. 'Then a French pharmacist named Pierre Bayen pointed out to Lavoisier that calx of mercury, which we would now call mercuric oxide, can be converted to mercury simply by heating, without the need for phlogiston-rich charcoal.'
  6. 'The others were chlorocresol, cresol, parabens, phenol, phenylethanol, phenyl mercuric salts and thimerosal;'
  7. 'Vermilion paint, made from mercuric sulphide, was then splashed onto the image's wrists, feet and body to represent blood.'
  8. 'The authors also thank their colleague for sending them the coordinates of mercuric ion reductase.'
  9. 'But samples seized by police contained only mercury oxide, mercuric iodide, or mercury mixed with red dye-hardly materials of interest to weapons-makers.'
  10. 'The term ‘mad as a hatter’ comes from the use of mercuric nitrate which was used in the felting process of making hats.'


1. of or containing mercury, especially in the bivalent state.

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"nitrates can be mercuric."

"chlorides can be mercuric."

"sulphides can be mercuric."

"potencies can be mercuric."

"oxides can be mercuric."

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