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Showing or exercising mercy.
  1. 'I'm happy and glad to see that God is merciful and generous towards all people, whether they are religious or not.'
  2. 'William did not believe in being merciful to those who fought against him.'
  3. 'At least he would be more merciful to them and give them a quick end.'
  4. 'It continued: ‘You are merciful to all because you can do all things’.'
  5. 'Still, that same crowd was merciful to the ignorant.'
  6. 'Be merciful to the other creations so the Creator will have mercy on you.'
  7. 'To Rich, his brother suddenly appeared as some benign leader, the merciful father taking his excitable daughters on holiday.'
  8. 'The difficult task is to find ways of being merciful to the guilty without being cruel to the innocent.'
  9. 'The rabbis tell us that ‘he who is merciful to the cruel will feel indifference for the innocent.’'
  10. 'Is this the action of a merciful and compassionate loving deity?'
  11. 'her death was a merciful release'
  12. 'After reading about 40 pages, she fell into a merciful, dreamless sleep.'
  13. 'His death was undoubtedly merciful, but he left a sad gap among his dwindling circle of friends.'
  14. 'When a disabled child dies some people think it is a merciful release but it was the beginning of a nightmare for us.'
  15. 'It's also a taste of things to come, a reward for the patient, and a merciful release for the tortured.'
  16. 'There is no shelter for them to find merciful relief from their vilification.'
  17. 'Perhaps, in the light of her illness, it was a merciful release.'
  18. 'With the unfairness of it all, the final whistle was a merciful relief.'
  19. 'But we do not seem to be getting anything like the amount of government we pay for (which might come to some people as a merciful relief).'
  20. 'Confused he walked back to dying chief, he was calling out for a merciful death.'
  21. 'So we let the brief conversation come to a merciful end and they started to walk away.'


1. full of mercy; characterized by, expressing, or showing mercy; compassionate: a merciful God.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be merciful to taken ins."

"people can be merciful to suppliants."

"people can be merciful to lands."

"laws can be merciful to individuals."

"gods can be merciful to people."

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