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Refer to (something) briefly and without going into detail.
  1. with clause 'I mentioned that my father was meeting me later'
  2. 'The book briefly mentions a handful of smaller communities but presents only ten photographs of them.'
  3. 'Of the Middle English poets, Chaucer is the one who displays most knowledge of wine, although he tends to mention different wines only briefly.'
  4. 'In its defense, the book does very briefly mention these events on an earlier page.'
  5. 'Financial advisers who conveniently forget to mention extra charges detailed in the small print of the contract are not uncommon.'
  6. 'Among the other fortuitous details of my birth, I forgot to mention my actual birthday.'
  7. 'You may mention insignificant findings briefly after providing significant findings.'
  8. 'In her introduction, she mentions this discussion will be a component of the third chapter.'
  9. 'I suggest to listeners who are interested in this debate that they listen to some of the commentators' views, and I will mention three of them briefly.'
  10. 'Upon realising my error, it all felt a bit awkward, but neither of us could bring ourselves to mention my faux pas.'
  11. 'It is worth mentioning this last result in more detail for he worked on a problem which had quite a famous history.'
  12. 'In particular I mention Bruce Anderson, who is at present the chair of the Auckland War Memorial board.'
  13. 'I've heard a few people mention me as a Rookie of the Year candidate, but I don't like to think about that stuff.'
  14. 'In it he mentions me as part of the original group but talks only of him and Pete being the scriptwriters, even though I had input from day 1.'
  15. 'Note also that he mentions Anthony Daniels on Romania.'
  16. 'That's like trying to talk about the history of free market economics and not mention the name Adam Smith.'
  17. 'Isaiah had heard people mention a man named General Glalaxien back in Alexandria, but he had only heard negative things about the man.'
  18. 'He was also mentioned as a candidate for the bowling coach of the national side.'


A reference to someone or something.
  1. mass noun 'she made no mention of her disastrous trip to Paris'
  2. 'The trial judge did not seem to turn his mind to it and of course we know that defence counsel made no mention of it either.'
  3. 'Although the offers gave custody to Lawrence they made no mention of decision making with respect to the children.'
  4. 'She made no mention of the challenges faced by the workers exploited by the minimum-wage employers.'
  5. 'Consequently, a search engine receives many mentions, all included in the comparison calculation.'
  6. 'In his responses to the family relations circular, George made no mention of the marriage to Lena.'
  7. 'Flax, for example, receives six mentions in the Bible, and is the basis for linen production.'
  8. 'A close friend who has kept in regular touch with the dead man's wife Lorraine and four children said she has made no mention of the investigation into his death.'
  9. 'In fact the survey question made no mention of shutting out vehicles, nor denying access to a major section of the Desert Park and to the gullies.'
  10. 'At the time, the story was widely noted in the blogosphere but barely received a mention in the mainstream media.'
  11. 'A statement by the council after Tuesday's meeting made no mention of any punitive measures.'
  12. mass noun 'two other points are worthy of mention'
  13. 'But, the Moving piece was quite funny, Nic thought so anyway, so you can have a mention as a consolation prize.'
  14. 'Once you receive a positive mention in the press, use it to your best advantage.'
  15. 'We avoid commenting on advertising here at the Last Post, but one ad in the Derry News last month caught our eye and is worthy of a mention.'
  16. 'A couple of good character actors caught my eye and are worthy of a mention.'
  17. 'But other plants are equally worthy of a mention.'
  18. 'They deserve better and therefore are worthy of a mention here.'
  19. 'Yes I know it's already been in the charts etc… etc… but then that's no reason not to give this a worthy mention.'
  20. 'The rarity of such a scene gives it a mildly startling effect here, which I thought was worthy of a mention.'
  21. 'Portlaw is worthy of a special mention as it had the cleanest bins and the least number contaminated.'
  22. 'Esperanza's drinks and sweets are also worthy of a mention.'
  23. 'England's Jason Leonard passed Philippe Sella's international record of 111 caps in the semi-final against France and gets a mention in dispatches for that alone.'
  24. '‘And I know that certain matches got a mention in dispatches and I thought, ‘oh, I did that game.’'
  25. 'Acting Sgt Robert Storey receives a mention in despatches for his leadership during the fighting there.'
  26. 'I would have thought that, for physical endeavour at least, this deserves a mention in dispatches, if not your final list.'
  27. 'The 30-year-old had been considered for a mention in dispatches for his bravery in the line of fire while in that country.'

More definitions

1. to refer briefly to; name, specify, or speak of: Don't forget to mention her contribution to the project.

2. to cite formally for a meritorious act or achievement: He was mentioned in dispatches from the war zone. noun

3. a direct or incidental reference; a mentioning: to make mention of a place.

4. formal recognition for a meritorious act or achievement: Her entry in the science competition received a special mention. Idioms

5. not to mention, in additi

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"names can be mentioned in transcripts."

"names can be mentioned in passings."

"tributes can be mentioned in places."

"tributes can be mentioned in documents."

"problems can be mentioned at ends."

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(mention)Middle English (originally in make mention of): via Old French from Latin mentio(n-); related to mind.


be mentioned in dispatches
don't mention it
mention someone in one's will
not to mention