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The characteristic way of thinking of a person or group.
  1. 'The wife will have spent years feeling excluded from that club mentality.'
  2. 'The news covers race motivated attacks and discrimination, and rightly so, but while that can, in theory, be punishable, small-town mentalities and home-grown attitudes cannot.'
  3. 'Several of us do many a ritual out of sheer herd mentality rather than with real interest or understanding.'
  4. 'Some would claim that this ivory-tower mentality was reflected in his music.'
  5. 'If you use taxis as often as I do, you'll know how drivers' attitudes and mentalities are a hazard to us and hardly ever to themselves.'
  6. 'Orchestras must break the concert hall mentality and become their own media players.'
  7. 'You get them together and that herd mentality takes over and bad things seem to come of it.'
  8. 'It's the same old imperialist mentality, the same denial of other people's rights.'
  9. 'The result of this mentality was that all concern with Nature was dominated by theory.'
  10. 'In a subsequent class, a student asked if a shy person might maintain both guard and prisoner mentalities in a self-imposed psychological prison.'
The capacity for intelligent thought.
  1. 'Diderot came to resent the burden which had taken up too much of his life, the more so as mentality had not evolved for the better as much as he had hoped.'
  2. 'Human beings are very much alike, and every culture is rooted in a universal human mentality.'
  3. 'This criterion is attractive even insofar as human mentality is concerned.'

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1. mental capacity or endowment: a person of average mentality.

2. the set of one's mind; view; outlook: a liberal mentality.

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Late 17th century (in the sense ‘mental process’): from the adjective mental + -ity. Current senses date from the mid 19th century.