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Clothes for men.
  1. as modifier 'a menswear shop'
  2. 'Milan's most recent menswear collections feature vibrant tones and a sense of personal style re-discovered.'
  3. 'Nuria Sendra showed some of the few menswear items, with her black cape being one of the more memorable.'
  4. 'Some menswear shops do sell more imaginative clothes - but the assistants have rarely met any customers over the age of 36.'
  5. 'The work consists of couture, lingerie, textiles and menswear.'
  6. 'Many local menswear shops have bitten the dust in recent years, and sales at men's specialty stores haven't budged in a decade.'
  7. 'There's no better time than the present to shop at EJ's menswear, as every time you purchase you are in with a chance of winning a car.'
  8. 'The company was recently restructured into two divisions, menswear and womenswear, headed by Bill Christie and Karen Schneider.'
  9. 'Women borrowed jackets, ties, hats and other styles from menswear to construct less frilly and ornamental ensembles.'
  10. 'High fashion menswear is much more difficult to find than clothing for women but not impossible.'
  11. 'It is also Ireland's only trade fair dedicated to womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, footwear and accessories.'

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1. men's wear.

2. cloth, especially wool, used in making men's and often women's tailored garments.

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"collections can be menswear."

"sales can be menswear."

"lines can be menswear."

"bosses can be menswear."

"markets can be menswear."

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