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Propriety, decorum, kindness, tact; discretion, intelligence, common sense.
    "to have both one's meat and mense" and variants: to have the credit of being considered generous (in regard to food, etc.) without the expense (as by giving an invitation which is not accepted). Similarly "to lose both one's meat and mense", etc.
      English regional. Neatness, tidiness; newness, gloss.


        A large amount or quantity. Usually with of.


          Treated as plural. People; (frequently) specifically. Afrikaners. Often as a form of address.

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            1. a range of sizes in even and odd numbers for garments made for men.

            2. a garment in this size range.

            3. the department or section of a store where these garments are sold.

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            "wears can be mens."

            "events can be mens."

            "worlds can be mens."

            "clubs can be mens."

            "wives can be mens."

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            (men's)Early 16th century; earliest use found in Thre Prestis of Peblis. Variant of mensk, with northern loss of -k from final -sk<br>mid 19th century; earliest use found in Richard Winter Hamilton (1794–1848), Congregational minister. Origin uncertain. Perhaps aphetic from immense, or perhaps a specifically sense of mense, showing a development of sense from ‘profuse hospitality, liberality’ to ‘a liberal amount, a great deal’<br>late 19th century. From Afrikaans mense, plural of mens pers