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The faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information.
  1. mass noun 'the brain regions responsible for memory'
  2. 'But his biggest advantage is a memory for star patterns which has been likened to that of an autistic savant - which Evans is not.'
  3. 'My memory for wild plant names has never been good.'
  4. 'No problem there, I have a terrible memory for names so didn't even remember them five seconds after leaving the room.'
  5. 'She still has a great memory for all the old Irish songs and poems.'
  6. 'Participants were not informed that they would later be given a test of their memory for the scene.'
  7. 'His memory for faces, names and incidents and his concern for every individual leaves behind him an indelible impression.'
  8. 'He's helped by a prodigious memory for names and places and a blotting paper ability to absorb ideas from philosophy, literature and pop culture.'
  9. 'All creatures do need a memory for basic functioning and survival.'
  10. 'I've a terrible memory for other folk's arrangements.'
  11. 'As I said, it was a long time ago, and you must forgive me if I've forgotten the exact order; my memory for these things is not what it was.'
  12. 'He searched his memory, sending hot spears of pain through his head.'
  13. 'Darren paused, looking like he was searching his memory until he looked at little confused.'
  14. 'She blinked and searched her memory, wondering how she'd gotten there.'
  15. 'He searched his memory as to who had accompanied him on the day he gave the defendant money for the ticket.'
  16. 'He searched his memory and suddenly remembered a Sunday evening when he and Cam were seniors at Sacred Heart High School.'
  17. 'I searched my memory quickly, trying to remember who I would have introduced her to.'
  18. 'The odd question took Rezo by surprise, but he put a hand under his chin and glanced toward the ceiling as he searched his memory.'
  19. 'He describes his experience of searching his memory and finds that what comes to mind is not what he intended.'
  20. 'Stagecoach, my memory recalls, first became known for its bargain-fare buses from Perth to London.'
  21. 'Whenever anyone glanced at him he searched his memory frantically to see if he recognised them.'
Something remembered from the past.
  1. mass noun 'the mind can bury all memory of traumatic abuse'
  2. 'She took the time to reflect upon her own past too and the memory she dug up wasn't a pleasant one.'
  3. 'How we all love to reflect on past memories, a crazy trip to Barcelona and all that fun past we shared.'
  4. 'What happened during that week was just a bad memory in the past.'
  5. 'I knew almost instantly that the dream had been a memory of a past life and seemed to be of some importance.'
  6. 'And she would always whisper something of a past memory, perhaps a name, just before deep slumber.'
  7. 'It's easier to bask in the memory of a glorious past than to confront some of the myths we continue to cherish in the present.'
  8. 'His memories of the past and thoughts of the future took on a negative spin.'
  9. 'And where there aren't flowers there are promises of flowers to come, or memories of flowers past.'
  10. 'Eastbrook Hall is a very lively church, and the memory of past association with it is always most pleasant to folk who are now far away.'
  11. 'She grimaced at the memory; the past always seemed to hurt her!'
  12. 'We're looking at ways of commemorating his memory in a lasting way in the school and will decide on something definite in the coming weeks.'
  13. 'Fellow students wanting to honour Venesha's memory broached the subject of taking on a project in her name.'
  14. 'It's no surprise, either, that so many prominent actors and musicians gathered to honour McGrath's memory by performing from his work.'
  15. 'They stuck by Healy until his death in 1989 and continued to revere his memory thereafter.'
  16. 'Now there are moves to honour Brother Walfrid's memory with a statue outside Parkhead.'
  17. 'I've instructed all agencies to honor their memory by treating the dead with the dignity and respect they deserve.'
  18. 'Our challenge may be to honour Robert's memory by doing everything we can to restore those values.'
  19. 'Burial in monastic ground was valued because of the importance of prayer in sustaining memory of the dead.'
  20. 'The memory of the dead is respected, by visitor and host alike.'
  21. 'At the Anderson family's request, family and friends gave money rather than flowers to honour Michelle's memory at her funeral.'
  22. 'the worst slump in recent memory'
  23. 'The Sonics have had one of their most tumultuous seasons in recent memory, including a coaching and ownership change.'
  24. 'They produced one of their worst quarters in recent memory, failing to kick a goal while South got within striking distance of an unlikely victory.'
  25. 'Prices have scarcely risen over the past year, while rents are at their softest in recent memory.'
  26. 'But, even in adults, memory for recent events is transient unless it is refreshed by rehearsal.'
  27. 'Although everything happened in the space of a few seconds, at the time, and in my consequent memory, the events seemed to take a long time to unfold.'
  28. 'A patient with moderate or severe AD is unlikely to sustain memory of an event that occurs while in this stage.'
  29. 'The centre of Kirkby Stephen also flooded for the first time in many residents' memory leaving homes without electricity or running water over the weekend.'
  30. 'Mushroom pickers are hailing this autumn's harvests as among the best in recent memory.'
  31. 'Shrek was one of the most widely loved animated movies in recent memory - loved by children, adults and critics alike.'
  32. 'How about something to help with your short-term memory while you are continually interrupted?'
The part of a computer in which data or program instructions can be stored for retrieval.
  1. 'Thanks to virtual memory technology, software can use more memory than is physically present.'
  2. 'A reconnaissance satellite, placed into orbit years ago, captures the entire scene in its computer memory.'
  3. 'the module provides 16Mb of memory'
  4. 'The latest MP3 technology compresses all superfluous parts of a sound signal to reduce the amount of memory needed to store digital information.'
  5. 'There is a virtual hard drive available in the Internet with plenty of memory to store personal information.'

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1. the mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events, impressions, etc., or of recalling or recognizing previous experiences.

2. this faculty as possessed by a particular individual: to have a good memory.

3. the act or fact of retaining and recalling impressions, facts, etc.; remembrance; recollection: to draw from memory.

4. the length of time over which recollection extends: a time within the memory of living persons.

5. a mental impre

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Middle English: from Old French memorie, from Latin memoria, from memor ‘mindful, remembering’.


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