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Commit to memory; learn by heart.
  1. 'I knew all of the cartoons by heart and pretty much memorized the text, which was also excellent.'
  2. 'She dialed in his number, memorizing it by heart in case she ever needed a back-up buddy to brighten her day.'
  3. 'Lowell memorized the details of the technology and carried it back across the Atlantic.'
  4. 'Even when he is at work after school, he studies spelling words or memorizes poems taped to his broom handle.'
  5. 'We acquire tacit knowledge, we learn to speak without memorizing grammatical rules.'
  6. 'On top of this, the kids have to memorise five rhymes and learn the days of the week and the name of the months.'
  7. 'If all we do is memorize a list of facts, learning history won't do us a lot of good.'
  8. 'By memorizing the words of others, they learned how to structure the elements of their own compositions.'
  9. 'Now 21, she had to study a new Concerto by Jean Absil, and with the aid of Emil Gilels playing the orchestral part she memorised the whole work by heart.'
  10. 'The difference this time is that the student is shown the symbols and advised of their names and asked to learn and memorize them.'

More definitions

1. to commit to memory; learn by heart: to memorize a poem. verb (used without object), memorized, memorizing.

2. to learn by heart: I've always been able to memorize easily.

More examples(as adjective)

"rules can be memorising."

"vocabularies can be memorising."