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A statue or structure established to remind people of a person or event.
  1. 'Most were not aware of the existence of a memorial to the Whiddy Island horror, a mast-shaped sculpture erected in Bantry cemetery.'
  2. 'The anchor was raised some years ago near Boatstrand and has now been mounted on the pier with an appropriate plaque as a memorial to its ill-fated captain and crew.'
  3. 'I'd expected to see looted shops, broken glass, and a lot of mess, but it really was shocking to see the Cenotaph, a memorial to Britain's war-dead, daubed with graffiti.'
  4. 'According to initial plans the garden is to be created on Kendal's historic Waterside and is planned as a memorial to the town's industrial heritage based in the area during the 19th century.'
  5. 'At this time, it became the village hall and was renamed Haxby Memorial Hall as a memorial to the dead of two world wars.'
  6. 'They also joined in the fighting in France where a memorial to them stands at Delville Wood, near the town of Longueval during the battle of the Somme from July to November 1916.'
  7. 'The gates, believed to have been made in France in 1715 by Jean Tijou, were installed in the 1950s as a memorial to employees of the family's York cocoa works.'
  8. 'The Memorial Pool should be just that - a memorial to the past and the local history of the city.'
  9. 'It was announced that a memorial to the Ministry of Defence man would be erected in ‘his native South Wales’, where he had not actually lived since shortly after his birth.'
  10. 'A glass sculpture created in Warminster will be the centrepiece of a memorial to the D-Day landings in France 60 years ago.'
  11. 'a memorial service in the dead man's honour'
  12. 'Sandy Kelly told the Evening Press he intended attending the memorial service, at which he looked forward to meeting Glenn's relatives, including his son, Tom.'
  13. 'It seemed to me that this man's memorial service paid tribute not only to memory - to remembering who he was - but also to life.'
  14. 'Nguyen-Hatsushiba first intended each memorial project to be a performance in a large tank, aquarium or pool.'
  15. 'They have arranged to hold a special memorial service in June commemorating all the people ‘laid to rest’ at their beloved Maine Road.'
  16. 'Thousands of people came to that memorial service.'
  17. 'His memorial service, which commemorated all the victims of the crash, was like no other.'
  18. 'At the top of the hill stand new memorial gates commemorating the wartime sacrifice of soldiers from across the Commonwealth.'
  19. 'Joining him and his crew are two survivors from the sinking, which enables Cameron to film their reactions at memorial services for HMS Hood and the Bismarck.'
  20. 'Lismore Police officers reflect during the one-minute silence at the Police Remembrance Day memorial service.'
  21. 'The family of a dead 17-year-old have accused the workmen of ripping out memorial plants and a commemorative hockey stick from his grave and dumping them.'
A statement of facts, especially as the basis of a petition.
  1. 'Read in its entirety the memorial is no petition for clemency or mercy but makes out a clear and emphatic case on the basis of legal rights and constitutional practices and principles.'
  2. 'They have given hours of their time to tracing memorials and recording their existence.'
  3. 'This points to the function of the memorial in recording wartime feelings about conscription and service.'
  4. 'The information published in the memorials was collected by volunteers, amongst whom was Lord Walter Fitzgerald of Kilkea Castle, Fr.'
  5. 'Thus, it is all the more important that memorials contain accurate information about history as mediated ideology.'
  6. 'Often there is an array of family memorials recording the passing generations.'

More definitions

1. something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc., as a monument or a holiday.

2. a written statement of facts presented to a sovereign, a legislative body, etc., as the ground of, or expressed in the form of, a petition or remonstrance. adjective

3. preserving the memory of a person or thing; commemorative: memorial services.

4. of or relating to the memory.

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"rites can be memorial."


Late Middle English: from late Latin memoriale ‘record, memory, monument’, from Latin memorialis ‘serving as a reminder’, from memoria ‘memory’.