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plural noun

Objects kept or collected because of their associations with memorable people or events.
  1. 'The Railway Museum houses an impressive collection of historical railway memorabilia.'
  2. 'It has a small museum with a collection of memorabilia, including examples of a lot of the lively art which found its way onto aircraft noses.'
  3. 'And I showed pictures from the vast collection of memorabilia Daniel has built up during the past seven years.'
  4. 'One of the highlights of the day was the collection of memorabilia that the late David Hardcastle had left that pertained to the fixture.'
  5. 'Also, if you do have any celebrity memorabilia that you've collected sell it quick before the market collapses.'
  6. 'She leads me through a collection of memorabilia which starkly bring to life the awesome task these early settlers faced just to stay alive.'
  7. 'These photos, along with Walt Burton's collection of period memorabilia, give us a unique view of that historic event.'
  8. 'Visitors from around the world travel to see its unique collection of memorabilia from international aircrews.'
  9. 'Collectors of memorabilia will be familiar with a souvenir plate issued by the City of Leeds which carries the date June 26.'
  10. 'Norpa is keen to collect old photos, memorabilia and stories about Lismore's major floods.'

More definitions

1. mementos; souvenirs.

2. matters or events worthy to be remembered; points worthy of note.

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"markets can be memorabilia."

"stores can be memorabilia."

"dealers can be memorabilia."

"insignia can be memorabilia."

"firms can be memorabilia."

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Late 18th century: from Latin, neuter plural of memorabilis ‘memorable’.