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An object kept as a reminder of a person or event.
  1. 'All runners will collect a souvenir memento, with trophies for the first three in each of the categories in the 10 km race.'
  2. 'Like every family each regiment acquired mementos by which to remember its members and triumphs.'
  3. 'Coun Paul Atkinson said if mayors wished to have a memento they should purchase it with their allowances.'
  4. 'The room was stuffed to the gills with trophies and plaques and mementos of the greatest baseball team that ever existed.'
  5. 'After their stay the couple kept a pile of mementoes of their visit to York, including 1970s Viking Hotel leaflets and even sugar packets, along with their wedding photos.'
  6. 'Before leaving HMS York, Caroline was presented with a signed photograph of the ship and given other mementoes to remind her of her time on board.'
  7. 'Each winning photograph has also been enlarged and framed as a memento of the event.'
  8. 'Also at the farewell dinner the team will be presented with a specially commissioned gift as a memento of their visit to Athy.'
  9. 'Video coverage of the event will be available as a memento of this memorable occasion.'
  10. 'Lukas is planning a display room in his new home for his collection of racing trophies and mementos.'

More definitions

1. an object or item that serves to remind one of a person, past event, etc.; keepsake; souvenir.

2. anything serving as a reminder or warning.

3. (initial capital letter, italics) Roman Catholic Church. either of two prayers in the canon of the Mass, one for persons living and the other for persons dead.

More examples(as adjective)

"works can be mementos."

"handfuls can be mementos."


(memento)Late Middle English (denoting a prayer of commemoration): from Latin, literally ‘remember!’, imperative of meminisse.