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The fact of being a member of a group.
  1. as modifier 'a membership card'
  2. 'What makes them so susceptible to membership cards and the illusion of influence?'
  3. 'As the playing season is starting earlier this season membership fees are now due.'
  4. 'They had very strict definitions of membership and rigorous membership tests.'
  5. 'The only income that the club has enjoyed in the past has been confined to ticket money and membership sales.'
  6. 'The scheme could be a one-off pledge or renewable annually as a type of debenture or membership fee.'
  7. 'I've met many of these, and believe me you wouldn't like to earn your gold membership card here.'
  8. 'They do not carry membership cards, they have not taken any oath of allegiance.'
  9. 'Female membership was, in fact, approved at the club's annual meeting in February.'
  10. 'So I now have my Discordian and Subgenius membership cards permanently in my wallet.'
  11. 'All borrowers need to do is have their membership number to hand, ready to enter using the phone keys.'
  12. 'The current position with both of the bowls clubs is the membership is in decline.'
  13. 'They are responsive to the general public rather than responsible to a membership.'
  14. 'He also thanked the membership for supporting the numerous events that the society had organised.'
  15. 'There are many things which a greater membership could help us to achieve.'
  16. 'Any authority it had flowed from the membership of states, not directly from the people.'
  17. 'These standing committees had a fluctuating membership and no subject specialism.'
  18. 'The Trust is now in the process of electing a board of governors, who will be drawn from the membership.'
  19. 'Word is that the membership is not impressed by the present leaders of the grouping.'
  20. 'It is time for the membership to have their say and it appears there are opinions both ways.'
  21. 'How much is a membership in the Institute of Advanced Drivers worth in terms of being a safer driver?'

More definitions

1. the state of being a member, as of a society or club.

2. the status of a member.

3. the total number of members belonging to an organization, society, etc.

More examples(as adjective)

"informations can be membership."

"bases can be membership."