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A person, animal, or plant belonging to a particular group.
  1. 'a member of the lily family'
  2. 'Cricket bosses, players and members of the public will get together to further plans to recruit budding players and form a team.'
  3. 'A spokesman added that a member of the public had reported herding the animal into a field at 10.45 pm.'
  4. 'People need help to regain their memory and speech in order to become active members of society.'
  5. 'She was the sole member of her immediate family to survive, although she suffered serious head, leg and throat injuries.'
  6. 'In fact, just the other day I was talking with one member of this generation.'
  7. 'This is where the most desperate, the most wretched members of society end up.'
  8. 'Lily was a gentle and good natured member of the local rural community, a fine neighbour and kind friend.'
  9. 'We have six horses, one for each member of my family and the remaining four belong to the ranchhands.'
  10. 'At the end of each talk, of course, some member of the audience will still ask a question that is really more of a comment.'
  11. 'I doubt if a single member of the British public believes him.'
  12. 'she's an active member of Greenpeace'
  13. 'He possesses impressive legal credentials and is a fellow member of the Federalist Society.'
  14. 'Many Labour Party members who attended the conference were disappointed with the event.'
  15. 'He moved to London in 1876, where he became a founder member of the Fabian Society.'
  16. 'He was an active member of the Philharmonic Society, for which he conducted concerts.'
  17. 'As befitting his academic stature, Edward Said was a member of countless organizations and societies.'
  18. 'Richard and his fellow team members each received a certificate and commemorative plaque.'
  19. 'The civil servants on these committees are, in principle, members of a team and not departmental spokesmen.'
  20. 'His excellent skills with both bat and ball were at all times a leading example to both his fellow team members and the opposition.'
  21. 'He was then joined by other members of the team and assisted them in fighting a fire in the airing cupboard.'
  22. 'She belittled me in front of other team members, was extremely sarcastic and passive aggressive towards me.'
  23. 'Member of Parliament for Stretford'
  24. 'We need to persuade Members of Congress who voted no last year to vote yes this year.'
  25. 'Tens of thousands of voters have called or faxed their Members of Congress in opposition to the bill.'
  26. 'In 1689, he was elected a Member of Parliament for the University, and he moved to London.'
  27. 'People have a right to be represented by their Member of Parliament.'
  28. 'You can urge your Member of Congress to support this bill by taking action here.'
  29. 'We need to support those Members of Parliament opposed to these new foundation hospitals.'
  30. 'All interested parties would then be able to make representations to their Members of Parliament.'
  31. 'She was elected as an Associate Member of the Royal Hibernian Academy and is a Rubicon Artist.'
  32. 'Few Members of Congress have taken the plunge and created blogs to communicate with constituents.'
  33. 'Dr Vincent Cable is a Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament and Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.'
  34. 'Murray was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his services to Association football on June 12, 2006 as part of the Queen's Birthday honours list.'
A constituent piece of a complex structure, especially a component of a load-bearing structure.
  1. 'Hardwire can even be used on structural steel members to increase their capacity.'
  2. 'This will entail the wooden deck over which vehicles travel and some of the main supporting members being replaced.'
  3. 'Obtain written permission of the engineer prior to field cutting or altering of structural members.'
  4. 'The set C has three members, each of which is a set of sets of shoes.'
  5. 'A finite sporadic simple group is a finite simple group which is not a member of one of the standard infinite families.'
A part of the body, especially a limb.
  1. 'The skeleton, which is formed by the union of about 200 bones, is divided like the body into head, trunk, and members.'
  2. 'Despite the film's mild obsession with the male member, it contains enough entertaining moments and individual performances to justify its existence.'
  3. 'One of the most common misconceptions about our penis is the average size of the male member.'

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1. a person, animal, plant, group, etc., that is part of a society, party, community, taxon, or other body.

2. Government. a member of Congress, especially of the House of Representatives. a member of the British Parliament, especially of the House of Commons. any member of a legislative body.

3. a part or organ of an animal body; a limb, as a leg, arm, or wing.

4. Botany. a structural entity of a plant body.

5. the penis.

6. a constituent part of any structural or composite whole, a

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Middle English: via Old French from Latin membrum ‘limb’.