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Make or become liquefied by heating.
  1. 'asparagus with melted butter'
  2. 'I smell something strange and find the smoke alarm melted on the stove.'
  3. 'New research reveals that the rapidly melting glaciers are even changing the shape of the planet, making the earth more oblate than spherical.'
  4. 'Plastic bags are no good because they would melt.'
  5. 'Wildlife is scarce in the region this time of year but will return when the snow melts this spring and summer.'
  6. 'This snow didn't melt as soon as it touched you… it stuck to your skin and sat there before slowly melting away.'
  7. 'The debris protects the ice from melting and sustains a thin body of ice that would otherwise have melted away.'
  8. 'I plan to go every available weekend until the snow melts away.'
  9. 'Temperatures are climbing, sea levels are rising, Antarctica is thawing - and these are just the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg.'
  10. 'Stones dropped from melting Canadian icebergs have been found in sea sediments off the coast of Portugal.'
  11. 'Once before in Shanghai, I had gone to see some ice sculptures in an exhibition but a huge cold-air blower had to be used to protect the sculptures from melting away.'
  12. 'beautiful objects are being melted down and sold for scrap'
  13. 'The FA Cup was stolen from football outfitters William Shillock in Birmingham - 68 years later an 83-year-old man confessed that he had melted it down to make counterfeit half-crown coins.'
  14. 'Other companies take scrap metal and melt it down for use in lowgrade metal products like garden furniture and sign posts.'
  15. 'The bell was melted down and recast, then rung carefully for special events.'
  16. 'It takes apart the components and melts them down or refurbishes newer models and sells them on to developing countries.'
  17. 'Most of the statue will be melted down and used to make a memorial in Texas.'
  18. 'Cleveland Police said the chain was not something that could be sold on easily, but it might be melted down.'
  19. 'If the trade centre scrap reaches specifications it will be melted down and used to configure the cutting edge of the ship's bow, according to a spokesman for Northorp Grumman, the yard operators.'
  20. 'And the chances are good that scrap metal dealers in Johannesburg are buying your water meter, melting it down and then selling it off as junk.'
  21. 'Maxfield hoped to buy the inventory, melt it down and create a sculpture from the metal.'
  22. 'The cans that Montrealers put in their green boxes are compressed into 3’ x 3’ x 4’ bales and sent to companies like Sidbec-Dosco, which melts them down along with old automobile carcasses.'
  23. 'For filling, heat white chocolate until just melted and cool for 5 minutes.'
  24. 'Stir often until caramelized sugar melts again and mixture is reduced to about 3/4 cup, about 5 minutes.'
  25. 'The snow was white powdered sugar that quickly melted on the hot banana, just like real snow does when falling onto the ground.'
  26. 'Put the butter, sugar, cream and golden syrup into a pan and leave over a low heat until the sugar has melted.'
  27. 'Add the anchovy fillets and cook gently until almost melting.'
  28. 'We used butter too sometimes, but you need softened butter and butter would also melt the sugar a bit, making the sandwich less crunchy.'
  29. 'Cook the cauliflower until almost melting - if it is slightly crunchy, it won't liquidise to a velvety consistency.'
  30. 'Add two tablespoons of honey and simmer, stirring occasionally, until the soap has melted.'
  31. 'Braise the pear on a slow fire until the crystal sugar melts.'
  32. 'The glass in the tram car windows melted; stocks of sugar boiled in bakery cellars.'
  33. 'It is such a GORGEOUS day today, and it's hot, soooo hot, I feel like I'm melting.'
  34. 'Melbourne, Australia - At times she looked like she may melt as the center court temperatures soared.'
  35. 'If I was sweating before, I was practically melting now.'
  36. 'Riana felt warm all over, like she was melting and it was becoming increasingly difficult to focus on anything besides the sound of Luke's voice.'
Make or become more tender or loving.
  1. no object 'she was so beautiful that I melted'
  2. 'She looked up at Harris and felt as if she was melting.'
  3. 'He and Qi share no chemistry - she bakes him some madeleines after he rescues her from the bad guys and suddenly we're supposed to believe this hardened soldier melts like the pastry in his mouth.'
  4. 'Her eyes looked deep into his and softened in that loving way that always made him melt.'
  5. 'When he cupped her cheek with his other hand in a tender concerned way, she tried desperately not to melt.'
  6. 'And despite herself, Matilda gives in to Ric's charm - she's totally melting for the guy!'
  7. 'He was melting as he put an arm across her bare shoulders.'
  8. 'I would just look into his beautiful eyes and melt.'
  9. 'Sometimes I can seem a little hard, but show warmth and I soon melt.'
  10. 'And the way she had - her demeanor with people, it just - it causes people to melt.'
  11. 'Although Liz melts for Shaun's sudden charismatic evolution, the most touching relationship in the film is between the two best friends.'
Disappear or disperse.
  1. 'The mining town that was once here has melted away, leaving the classic two-storey pub, with its pretty wooden veranda, sitting alone in a gentle fold of the hills.'
  2. 'But the armies melted away under the crushing superiority of the enemy.'
  3. 'Carly's voice seemed to fade out with the rest of the world, melting away like butter in a microwave.'
  4. 'With the price artificially high, demand for that labor melted away.'
  5. 'Rowena's frown melted away as she sensed the air cooling dramatically.'
  6. 'Although many sceptics of global warming have melted away in recent years, some eminent ones remain.'
  7. 'In an instant every trace of fox had melted away.'
  8. 'The bad blood between them melted away with the band's delight that the musical chemistry was intact.'
  9. 'Without another word, he vanished, melted away into the shadows, which slowly began to dissolve.'
  10. 'After listening to a five-minute speech outside County Hall - empty of staff for the bank holiday - they melted away as peacefully as they had come.'
  11. 'the cheers melted into gasps of admiration'
  12. 'When heated, mascarpone melts into a creamy sauce.'
  13. 'The music melts into silence as the batteries of the radio fade.'
  14. 'So many times on this trip with Asia, I have had this sensation of the past melting into the present.'
  15. 'And where do these waterways - some of them melting into each other - begin and end?'
  16. 'At the nearest turning he waited till the silhouette of the three persons melted into the distance and disappeared.'
  17. 'The interview with de Vries is different, changing form slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, like an ice cube slowly melting into water.'
  18. 'Beef stew uses cuts like chuck, blade and shin, which have fat that melts into the sauce, making it velvety and delicious.'
  19. 'Working with light hues, the artist generates the impression of his motifs melting into a suffusion of light and shade on the computer generated prints.'
  20. 'He uses a whole Reblochon cheese from the Savoie region of France which melts into the mixture of potatoes, onions and bacon.'
  21. 'That flat stomach melts into soft library flab as library time takes precedence over exercise.'


An act or period of melting.
  1. 'He expects the spring melt to wash most of the remaining oil into an adjacent lake where floating booms will prevent further spread and allow for recovery.'
  2. 'Multiyear ice is defined as ice that has survived a minimum of two summer melt seasons.'
  3. 'Moreover, as the Arctic warms, the length of the melt period increases, which in turn thins the ice and further hastens its retreat.'
  4. 'For a week the weather had been clear and sharp, with subfreezing lows and small melts in the afternoons.'
  5. 'The ice-free seas will further exacerbate the melt, as the reduced reflection of light will result in the dark seas absorbing more warmth.'
  6. 'Following melt initiation, the intensity of melt is another consideration in the production of meltwater runoff.'
  7. 'Field evidence suggests that many dykes were responsible for transporting melt, and this would substantially reduce the inflation time.'
  8. 'Another effect will be to lower the peraluminosity and decrease the lime content of the melt.'
  9. 'He argued that all other granites represent hybrid magma formed by reaction of basaltic melt with crustal metamorphic rocks.'
  10. 'Mullite crystals grow out of a complex silicate melt - porcelain kilns never attain pure silica's melting point.'
  11. 'The container then sinks through the melt under the influence of gravity and eventually comes to rest when the heat or the waste itself is dissipated.'
  12. 'Still, it is scientifically preferable to collect samples of the melt that formed during the creation of a specific lunar impact basin.'
  13. 'The blue colour of smalt derives from the addition of cobalt oxide to a potash glass melt during manufacture.'
  14. 'The research compares with estimates which put the rate of rise lower and which blame most of that on thermal expansion rather than ice melt.'
  15. 'Radioactive dating of the melts and the hydrothermal deposits indicates the Sudbury impact occurred about 1.85 billion years ago.'
  16. 'Dingwell et al. have shown at low dissolved water contents in rhyolitic melts, large changes in melt viscosity can occur for very small changes of water content.'
  17. 'This would present an option of either increased amounts of melt giving a thicker sarcophagus or lower temperatures to enhance container survival.'
  18. 'However, the relative effects of fluctuating dynamic support and episodic addition of melt cannot be clearly distinguished in the present dataset.'
  19. 'a tuna melt'
  20. 'I was was eating a patty melt and fries on my sofa watching Letterman, so clearly I was home around midnight.'
  21. 'Hot Italian snacks, otherwise known as panini, came with chargrilled vegetables and mozzarella cheese or tuna melt.'
  22. 'Other items I spotted were toasted focaccia, chicken satay and roasted vegetables with cheese melt each for £2.99.'
  23. 'We decided on the gyros and tuna melt.'
  24. 'There is also a range of light meals (such as tuna melt or steak 'n' cheese sandwiches), plus desserts.'
  25. 'Patty, the vegetarian, shared a tuna melt with Molly and later they felt ill.'
  26. 'At present the most popular baguette is the chicken and cheese melt with lettuce and mayonnaise called Lisa after the customer who first ordered the filling.'
  27. 'He's grabbed some hamburgers, coke, and for you Amber, I told him to get you water and a cheese melt.'

More definitions

1. to become liquefied by warmth or heat, as ice, snow, butter, or metal.

2. to become liquid; dissolve: Let the cough drop melt in your mouth.

3. to pass, dwindle, or fade gradually (often followed by away): His fortune slowly melted away.

4. to pass, change, or blend gradually (often followed by into): Night melted into day.

5. to become softened in feeling by pity, sympathy, love, or the like: The tyrant's heart woul

More examples(as adjective)

"baits can be melt in guts."

"troubles can be melt."

"baits can be melt."


(melt)Old English meltan, mieltan, of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse melta ‘to malt, digest’, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek meldein ‘to melt’, Latin mollis ‘soft’, also by malt.


melt down