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A confused fight or scuffle.
  1. 'Carlisle says his wife Linda was hit with a fist in the melee.'
  2. 'In the melee, the iron railing leading to the park's entrance on Cipero Street broke, causing fans to fall on top of each other.'
  3. 'For some reason, perhaps to differentiate rugby melees from all the other tussles, the word evolved into ‘scrummage’ with a U.'
  4. 'Amelia ducked and rolled to the side to avoid being impaled by Breanne's rapier, the fight now a melee.'
  5. 'After the initial charge, both lines are broken, and the battle degenerates into a chaotic melee.'
  6. 'Both Cork goals were scored from melees in front of the posts and both were controversial.'
  7. 'Another person involved in the melee was jailed for violent disorder after his trial for murder collapsed.'
  8. 'They managed to retrieve their son from the melee and, with a struggle, reached the safety of their home.'
  9. 'Curious tourists and reporters were often trapped in the melees.'
  10. 'People panicked and stampeded, blows rained down, people fell and hurt themselves in the melee.'
  11. 'the melee of people that were always thronging the streets'
  12. 'Prague by day is a melee of tourists, heads cocked skyward, nodding in disbelief at yet another beautiful building.'

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1. a confused hand-to-hand fight or struggle among several people.

2. confusion; turmoil; jumble: the melee of Christmas shopping.

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"lasts can be melee."


(melee)Mid 17th century: from French mêlée, from an Old French variant of meslee (see medley).