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Blend; combine.
  1. no object 'the nylon bristles shrivel and meld together'
  2. 'All of these systems meld together to create what we feel is the most accurate depiction of siege warfare and castle life ever portrayed in a computer game.'
  3. 'The minute we saw it, we felt it was just right for the site - all our ideas seemed to meld together.'
  4. 'The most startling aspect of the game is the mix of people who meld together on the five-a-side pitch.'
  5. 'The shadows seemed to meld together, and shape a human form - Damion!'
  6. 'I like trying to meld together these parameters, to create an illusion, at least, of balance between modes of expression.'
  7. 'We were trying to meld together the best of the two diverse philosophies: the approach of the Hon Doug Graham and of Dianne Yates.'
  8. 'Some of the other students commented on how weird it was that we seemed to meld together, covering each other's flaws, strengthening each other and creating an incredible musical union.'
  9. 'It seems obvious, but food manufacturers were originally catering to a mainstream taste that they tried to meld together from focus groups and other research methods.'
  10. 'But despite these varying degrees of success, the three twisted tales meld together smoothly, forming one perfectly disturbing anthology.'
  11. 'Poe's general modus operandi was to meld together facts with fiction.'


A thing formed by melding; a combination.
  1. 'Once known as the Enchanted Isles, the Galapagos to first time visitors are a meld of mysticism and stark reality.'


(in rummy, canasta, and other card games) lay down or declare (a combination of cards) in order to score points.
  1. 'As well as melding complete combinations, players are allowed to meld cards which extend combinations which are already on the table.'
  2. 'It is possible to go out in the melding part of a turn, by melding all of your cards, or to meld all but one of your cards, and go out by discarding your last card.'
  3. 'Again the aim is to get rid of all your cards by melding them.'


A completed set or run of cards in rummy, canasta, and other card games.
  1. 'You must have at least one example of each type - natural, mixed, wild, sequence and sevens - completed with 7 cards in each, and you may also have additional canastas or smaller melds of any types.'
  2. 'It is possible to pick up the discard pile if it is not frozen and you have a meld or canasta in the same rank as the top card of the pile.'
  3. 'You can lay off cards on your own melds, and on those of your partner and opponents.'

More definitions

1. to announce and display (a counting combination of cards in the hand) for a score. noun

2. the act of melding.

3. any combination of cards to be melded.

More examples(as adjective)

"markets can be melding."

"desolations can be melding."

"accountings can be melding."


(meld)Late 19th century (originally US): from German melden ‘announce’.