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Feeling or expressing pensive sadness.
  1. 'a haunting, melancholic melody'
  2. 'Typically his work is elegantly drawn, with a melancholic air.'
  3. 'Through its melancholic denial of the infirmities of age, this story affirms the possibility of making reparations for the past.'
  4. 'A thread of melancholic romanticism ran through much of the work on view.'
  5. 'His intense, poetic depictions of northern scenery have become a byword for a melancholic, spiritually inspired attitude to nature.'
  6. 'He plays with sharp alternations of mood, from the high-spirited to the melancholic in a single sentence or musical cue.'
  7. 'This is the most robust treatment response for a SSRI in a melancholic population.'
  8. 'They retrospectively contrasted the treatment responses of these substances in a group of depressed melancholic geriatric inpatients with severe cardiovascular disease.'
  9. 'The sample was largely melancholic, most had separation anxiety, and 96 percent had been ill for more than two years.'
  10. 'The diagnosis of endogenous depression is comparable to major depressive disorder with melancholic features.'
  11. 'There is now substantial evidence that suggests that SSRIs are less effective in the treatment of the melancholic subtype of major depressive disorder.'


1. disposed to or affected with melancholy; gloomy.

2. of, relating to, or affected with melancholia.

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"people can be melancholic."

"wannabes can be melancholic."

"thoughts can be melancholic."

"starings can be melancholic."

"soundtracks can be melancholic."

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