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A person who has an obsessive desire for power.
  1. 'Such is the fate of those who tie their future to the whims of megalomaniacs.'
  2. 'He was corrupt to his core, a liar, a megalomaniac, a misogynist, a bully and, like most bullies, a coward.'
  3. 'Its central figure is a charismatic, obsessive megalomaniac bent on avenging himself on the civilized world.'
  4. 'It was the familiar despotic argument made by megalomaniacs all through history.'
  5. 'I've worked for producers, and I know producers, who are true megalomaniacs, and need to write everything, and be responsible for everything, and get all the credit.'
  6. 'Normally, we portray our politicians as desiccated calculating machines, charlatans or megalomaniacs.'
  7. 'Finally, of course, there is the natural desire of the megalomaniac to hang on to power until the last possible minute and not to take the slightest risk of losing it.'
  8. 'He considers the Emperor was a cynic, a monster, a psychopath and a megalomaniac.'
  9. 'Like all megalomaniacs, he finally turned on his own people, those he claimed to be saving.'
  10. 'Can a megalomaniac get bored by his own propaganda?'
  11. 'The newcomer may look like a megalomaniac when compared with your more muted norm.'
  12. 'Many people, including ex-members of what they call his ‘cult,’ regard him as a dangerous megalomaniac.'
  13. 'This statement is either deceitful or the egotistical rambling of a megalomaniac.'
  14. 'There's no insight into Alexander's transition from beloved leader to drunken megalomaniac; one minute he has his subjects hanging on his every word, and then next thing you know he's declaring himself a god.'
  15. 'When the title is conferred on public figures, it is a well-known fact that they go mad; celebrities turn into monsters, and politicians into megalomaniacs, addled by delusions of eternity, going on, and on, and on.'
  16. 'It was preceded by months of attempted negotiations with a megalomaniac, power-hungry, delusional autocrat.'


Exhibiting megalomania.
  1. 'The story is that of an intensely Irish megalomaniac father, who lives in the violent and paranoid world of his furniture store mogul past.'
  2. 'It all comes down to responsibility, and this power-crazed megalomaniac picture that you're painting is certainly not the only possible outcome, goal, or destination for people who don't believe sorcery should be used sparingly.'


1. a person afflicted with megalomania. adjective

2. Also, megalomaniacal[meg-uh-loh-muh-nahy-uh-kuh l]/ˌmɛg ə loʊ məˈnaɪ ə kəl/, megalomanic[meg-uh-loh-man-ik]/ˌmɛg ə loʊˈmæn ɪk/. of, relating to, or suggesting megalomania or a person who is afflicted with it.

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"lasts can be megalomaniac."

"dictators can be megalomaniac."

"rules can be megalomaniac."

"projects can be megalomaniac."

"powers can be megalomaniac."

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