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A very large city, typically one with a population of over ten million people.
  1. 'The megacities become the main areas of population within America.'
  2. 'Hence, the two megacities in the Montreal region suffered devastating defeats.'
  3. 'Air pollution was once primarily the scourge of megacities like London, where coal smoke killed 4,000 people over one week in 1952.'
  4. 'I had planned to spend my first Saturday-night in the megacity up in my almost double bed watching something interesting in the telly.'
  5. 'In three decades covering the Middle East, I have watched it evolve from a largely rural society to a realm of teeming megacities.'
  6. 'By 2015, there will be 33 mega-cities, 27 of them in the developing world.'
  7. 'Like Tremblay, he promises to help municipalities wiped out by the megacity maintain their sense of community.'
  8. 'The United Nations coined the term megacity in the 1970s to describe metropolises with 10 million or more residents.'
  9. 'Even in the most sophisticated urbanized area of a megacity, every human being is utterly dependent on the generosity of nature.'
  10. 'It has become a mega-city, without proper infrastructure or human resources.'

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1. a city having a population of one million or more.

More examples(as adjective)

"revolts can be megacity."