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An assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion.
  1. 'Health bosses held urgent meetings to decide how to cope with an expected surge in the number of patients over Easter.'
  2. 'The main item for discussion at the meeting was the guild's annual weekend outing.'
  3. 'But some who attended the meeting felt their questions were yet to be answered.'
  4. 'Union officials have written to executives seeking an urgent meeting to discuss the matter.'
  5. 'The purpose of the meeting was to execute a legal document.'
  6. 'The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the set-up of a local Farmers Market planned for the near future.'
  7. 'Please put these in writing, sign and place in the box at the back of the Church for discussion at the monthly meetings.'
  8. 'It was the first time in 15 years they had held a formal meeting to discuss problems in the area.'
  9. 'Those meetings were very formal and few ideas were exchanged.'
  10. 'There will also be a number of consultation meetings held to discuss what residents would like to see done with the community space.'
  11. 'Quaker meetings and Shabbat services are held regularly here on the farm.'
  12. 'I've been a member of several Lutheran churches and have sat through many congregational meetings.'
  13. 'Most meetings for worship in those days were nothing but processions or groups of singers.'
  14. 'Crump had to win a race against the clock even to take part in the meeting.'
  15. 'Aces teammate Jason Lyons is also in the meeting as a wild card and knows a good performance could seal his spot in the full series in 2003.'
  16. 'Racehorses die every day while providing pleasure and I'm afraid the magnification of such events during meetings like Aintree is a fact of life.'
  17. 'Barton faces a severe test, with the likes of Seebald and Fondmort among the opposition for an event which could well be the race of the meeting.'
  18. 'The Renault Winter Championship meetings will also include races for the AVO Ginetta Cup cars.'
  19. 'Last Sunday saw the opening meeting of the Young Athletes League at Pendle where Skyrac came fourth overall.'
  20. 'And, because of a series of rained-off meetings, they have matches in hand on Poole, Wolverhampton and Ipswich.'
  21. 'Sale easily won the meeting and with one match to go have virtually guaranteed their place in the top flight after relegation last summer.'
  22. 'When he was in Nathy's they did not get newspapers and did not know about upcoming events such as athletics meetings.'
  23. 'The BHB had used their power to fix the dates of meetings to stop racecourses organising their own fixtures.'
A situation when two or more people meet, by chance or arrangement.
  1. 'Their meeting was chance when they happened to be walking in the same vicinity.'
  2. 'Those meetings give us a chance to see one another and to have coffee - and they keep us all together.'
  3. 'Diverse characters happen together either by chance or in arranged meetings.'
  4. 'I never expect the chance meetings, yet I am always somewhere, at the same time as they are.'
  5. 'They open up opportunities for fleeting or chance meetings.'
  6. 'While there, I've met people I already knew by chance and had chance meetings with new people.'
  7. 'Without conscious direction there are only chance meetings that create situations between separated beings.'
  8. 'Whether it was a chance meeting or a planned meeting is not relevant to the point we were making.'

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1. the act of coming together: a chance meeting in the park.

2. an assembly or conference of persons for a specific purpose: a ten o'clock business meeting.

3. the body of persons present at an assembly or conference: to read a report to the meeting.

4. a hostile encounter; duel.

5. an assembly for religious worship, especially of Quakers.

6. meeting house.

7. a place or point of contact; junction; union: the meeting of two roads; the meeting of the waters. Idioms

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"ministers can be meeting."

"weeks can be meeting."

"presidents can be meeting."

"leaders can be meeting."

"months can be meeting."

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