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The evacuation of military or other casualties to hospital in a helicopter or aeroplane.
  1. as modifier 'three big medevac choppers'
  2. 'A unit of American marines on patrol saw the disabled vehicle and called in a medevac helicopter, which evacuated the officer and his soldiers.'
  3. 'Paramedics had to be called to provide a medevac for the student, who has asked not to be identified for this story.'
  4. 'He talked to everybody while waiting for medevac helicopters.'
  5. 'Since the airstrip was built in 1974, the Air Force has been responsible for all medivacs from the island.'
  6. 'Cameron believes the airstrip road would increase public safety by making medivacs easier in the winter.'
  7. 'This spring, he arrived at a school in Ohio in a medevac helicopter, wearing his flight suit.'
  8. 'Some in critical condition can be flown in by medevac helicopters.'
  9. 'At least four times a week, the U.S. Air Force operates a medevac flight from the base.'
  10. 'There have been occasions when walkers had to be taken out by medivac.'
  11. 'The WA Government paid for Nathan's medivac flight to Melbourne, post-natal care in Perth and his parents' accommodation.'


Transport (someone) to hospital in a helicopter or aeroplane.
  1. 'Hobart made an emergency dash to Macquarie Island in 1979 to medivac a sick scientist.'
  2. 'When the Commander's twin Otter left an hour later it also medevacked Sgt.'
  3. 'Once the decision was made to medevac the young sailor, the ship immediately began closing to within SOP range to land.'
  4. 'Although we did not know how critical the CSO's condition was, we looked into several options to medevac him that night.'
  5. 'Build bases, rescue civilians and hostages, medevac your troops while detaining theirs to earn both information and money to continue the mission of repelling the waves of terrorism.'
  6. 'We've got plans in place to medivac people out, but safety here can be a matter of life and death.'

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1. medevac. medevac or Medevac, medivac [med-uh-vak] /ˈmɛd əˌvæk/ Spell Syllables noun

1. a helicopter for evacuating the wounded from a battlefield.

2. an ambulance or other vehicle equipped for emergency transport of medical patients.

3. any of the trained personnel transporting or otherwise tending to the sick or wounded in a medevac. verb (used with object), medevacked, medevacking.

4. to transport (s

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"planes can be medivac."


1960s: blend of medical and evacuation.