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An agency or means of doing something.
  1. 'their primitive valuables acted as a medium of exchange'
  2. 'Mostly, it was a medium for the well-off to talk among themselves.'
  3. 'Chatrooms have always been popular on the internet as they provide a medium for people with similar interests to meet and discuss their opinions.'
  4. 'The idea of using newspapers as a medium of education goes back to the 18th century.'
  5. 'Accordingly, money is brought forth into society to be used as a medium of exchange to facilitate the trade of goods of all kinds.'
  6. 'Which means, theatre is not just a medium for entertainment, but a reaction to the intense and complex realities around us.'
  7. 'As we built it, the library became a medium for us to design our own structure of how subjects and ideas flow.'
  8. 'Later, increasing numbers of literati acknowledged the folding fan as a medium for showing off their expertise in writing and painting.'
  9. 'Others do not, saying that they are not bookmakers, but a medium for bets between consenting adults.'
  10. 'No asset since gold in the 19th century enjoys such broad acceptance as both a medium of exchange and a store of value as the dollar.'
  11. 'here the Welsh language is the medium of instruction'
  12. 'I shall use the same medium of communication as I believe that the information I give will reach the wider public.'
  13. 'It is a powerful communicative medium; a language which uses the mind and body to relate varied experiences.'
  14. 'The Internet has become a global medium for instant communication and quick access to information.'
  15. 'Simply put, mobile communications is the new medium for the future.'
  16. 'It provides education for children using the Maori language as the medium of instruction.'
  17. 'It seems mobile phone is the medium of choice for communication for modern Japanese.'
  18. 'English is the administrative language and the medium of instruction in schools.'
  19. 'Today, it seems that through the various medium of communications every heartbeat is shared by the world.'
  20. 'In Malaysia, on the other hand, Malay is the national and the official language and the main medium of instruction.'
  21. 'The problem, though, is not with the words, but with the medium of communication, with situation and circumstance.'
The intervening substance through which sensory impressions are conveyed or physical forces are transmitted.
  1. 'Second, the gene provides the physical medium for sharing genetic information from generation to generation.'
  2. 'Air, the lubricating medium, is forced into a reservoir surrounding the bearing.'
  3. 'these cells are grown in a nutrient-rich medium'
  4. 'The culture medium was changed after 24 h and from then on three times a day.'
  5. 'This would also increase the sloughing off of cell wall surface polymers in the culture medium.'
  6. 'The objective of this study was to develop a suitable medium to improve in vitro pollen germination in pigeonpea.'
  7. 'The world ocean is what laboratory scientists would call a culture medium, the largest petri dish known to mankind.'
  8. 'The culture medium in the glass containers was exchanged every 2 days.'
  9. 'Uptake activity depends on the growth phase of the cultured cells whereas the culture medium had no effect on uptake.'
  10. 'This occurs when colonic bacteria accumulate above the obstructing lesion and flourish in a nutrient medium.'
  11. 'Typically, by the end of batch culture nutrients in the medium would be considerably depleted.'
  12. 'Alkaloid levels were determined both in the roots and in the culture medium after a culturing period of 28 d.'
  13. 'In doing so, this mucus becomes a culture medium for further bacterial growth, aggravating the state of recurrent infections.'
  14. 'We carry a large range of dry pigments, oils and mediums.'
A particular form of storage material for computer files, such as magnetic tape or discs.
  1. 'Tape is the overwhelming computer medium of choice for archiving.'
  2. 'If you can justify the price and are looking for some portable storage medium then this is something you should take a look at.'
  3. 'This film has been used for over 12 years as an archival optical storage medium.'
  4. 'This means shifting data between storage mediums in an effort to provide the ideal levels of access, protection, and recovery at the lowest possible total cost.'
  5. 'Their capacity and low price mean that CD-Rs should be your starting point when considering a storage medium.'
  6. 'Things are looking up for DVD-RAM as a general-purpose storage medium.'
  7. 'As a long-term storage medium for check images, tape significantly exceeds any realistic requirements.'
  8. 'They largely replaced disk drives as a transportable storage medium.'
  9. 'Review DVD is currently hyped as the storage medium of the future.'
  10. 'In most cases, magnetic disk storage will be the medium of choice for several key reasons.'
The material or form used by an artist, composer, or writer.
  1. 'I cannot discuss all the new artistic mediums here - and if I did, my discussion would be obsolete before this book is published.'
  2. 'She worked in a variety of mediums, including artist's books, painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation and dance.'
  3. 'As an artistic medium, film can have a myriad of purposes.'
  4. 'Krause is an artist who continues to push himself into new mediums and new subject matter.'
  5. 'As an artistic medium, film is easily the most accessible art form, yet the least discussed beyond its immediate spectacle.'
  6. 'It showcased a variety of artistic mediums ranging from large finished canvases to sketch books.'
  7. 'And woodblocks have remained the dominant medium for Japanese print artists until our days.'
  8. 'In fact, the completed windows do possess a freshness that is striking to find in the medium of monumental stained glass.'
  9. 'The artist chooses mediums like oil, calligraphy and glass to display her talents.'
  10. 'My favorite medium is artistic photography because it is real and has that peacefulness and beauty in it.'
A person claiming to be in contact with the spirits of the dead and to communicate between the dead and the living.
  1. 'After making an international name for himself, he spent several years exposing phony spiritualists and mediums.'
  2. 'Most people who go to a medium or a spiritualist church have lost someone and want to find out that this person is okay.'
  3. 'Soon, half the audience is crying, convinced the medium has made contact.'
  4. 'Spiritualist mediums are predominantly women who hold divinations and seances in their homes; many have become successful and even wealthy.'
  5. 'Just a few days ago, I sat down with a woman who is a medium, and we got to talking about spirits and ghosts.'
  6. 'Clients of mediums who claim to get messages from the dead are very highly motivated clients.'
  7. 'A male medium contacted the owner in 1985 and disclosed that the dead Hessian soldier had visited him in a dream.'
  8. 'He asserts that this work supports the mediums ' claims that they are actually communicating with the dead.'
  9. 'Such beliefs are not confined to rural areas; in the cities there is a network of spirit mediums who claim to contact the dead.'
  10. 'This man did not claim to be a medium but, nonetheless, believed he had talked many times with the spirit of Doyle.'
The middle quality or state between two extremes; a reasonable balance.


    Halfway between two extremes of size, amount, length, etc.; average.
    1. 'plan for the medium term'
    2. 'She has fair medium length straight hair and blue eyes.'
    3. 'She had a slim build and medium length, fashionably styled blonde hair.'
    4. 'My medium length black hair was left out in bouncy curls today.'
    5. 'Its bill is of medium length for a shorebird, and it has short, yellow legs.'
    6. 'He was described as a man in his late 30s, taller than average, of medium build with short dark hair and who spoke with no discernible accent.'
    7. 'Her medium length brown hair was loose and hung over her back.'
    8. 'In captivity, the hawk-headed parrot has a life span comparable to most other medium size parrots.'
    9. 'They seemed to be of medium length and one them had been pulled from the root, making a DNA check possible.'
    10. 'The first man was white, in his late teens, 5ft 10 in tall, of medium build, with fair short hair.'
    11. 'They are about the size of a medium collie dog, but their tail is round and bushy and is carried straight out below the level of their back.'
    12. 'Alan Connolly was a right-arm fast medium bowler, tall in stature and powerfully built.'
    13. 'Turning now to your bowling, you are more of a medium pacer rather than a tearaway fast bowler.'
    14. 'He was a hard-hitting batsman and an excellent opening medium pace bowler.'


    1. a middle state or condition; mean.

    2. something intermediate in nature or degree.

    3. an intervening substance, as air, through which a force acts or an effect is produced.

    4. the element that is the natural habitat of an organism.

    5. surrounding objects, conditions, or influences; environment.

    6. an intervening agency, means, or instrument by which something is conveyed or accomplished: Words are a me

    More examples(as adjective)

    "waters can be medium for processes."

    "traffics can be medium in points."

    "traffics can be medium in harbours."

    "traffics can be medium for weeks."

    "people can be medium in norths."

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    Late 16th century (originally denoting something intermediate in nature or degree): from Latin, literally ‘middle’, neuter of medius.