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Of or characteristic of the Mediterranean Sea, the countries bordering it, or their inhabitants.
  1. 'our temperatures are Mediterranean'
  2. 'Dozens of British holidaymakers have been taken ill at a popular Mediterranean hotel where the swimming pool has now been closed, it was announced yesterday.'
  3. 'The majority of settlers are concentrated in two main blocs along the northern border and southern Mediterranean coast.'
  4. 'The Mediterranean cruise season is April to November when the weather is generally sunny and mild.'
  5. 'Celebrating their wedding anniversary in style, Frank and Doreen plan to go on a Mediterranean cruise.'
  6. 'The country has a 1200 km Mediterranean coastline and borders on six countries to the west, east, and south.'
  7. 'The classically shaped knobs reinforce the house's Mediterranean character.'
  8. 'By signing up, you'll automatically enter our sweepstakes to win a Mediterranean cruise.'
  9. 'The vine and the olive are the plants that characterize Mediterranean civilization.'
  10. 'While fossils of this species do not occur in Europe, archaeological finds suggest that it periodically inhabited the Mediterranean region.'
  11. 'Today, olives are commercially produced throughout the Mediterranean area, particularly in Greece and Spain.'
  12. 'He was of Mediterranean appearance or had tanned skin.'
  13. 'The suspect is described as being in his mid 30s, of Mediterranean appearance, with short dark hair, dark brown eyes and with facial stubble.'


The Mediterranean Sea or the countries bordering it.
  1. 'feta is made throughout the eastern Mediterranean'
A native of a Mediterranean country.
  1. 'The Mediterraneans tend to be more feisty and flighty.'
  2. 'The theory bolstered the split between old and new immigrants, complicating it only slightly: the old immigrants were primarily comprised of Nordics while the new immigrants were dominated by Alpines and Mediterraneans.'
  3. 'It would be like imagining that ancient Mediterraneans thought and behaved like middle class Americans.'
  4. 'Coded onto female faces and bodies were the Frenchness of fashionability, the Englishness of hygiene, and the sensuousness of Orientals and Mediterraneans.'
  5. 'South Pacific Islanders have their virgin coconut oil, Mediterraneans their olive oil and Native Americans their mineral springs and mud baths.'


1. Mediterranean Sea.

2. a person whose physical characteristics are considered typical of the peoples native to or inhabiting the Mediterranean area.

3. the, Informal. the islands and countries of the Mediterranean Sea collectively. adjective

4. pertaining to, situated on or near, or dwelling about the Mediterranean Sea.

5. pertaining to or characteristic of the peoples native to the lands along or near the Mediterranean Sea.

6. surrounded or nearly surrounded by land.|-

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(Mediterranean)Mid 16th century: from Latin mediterraneus ‘inland’ (from medius ‘middle’ + terra ‘land’) + -an.