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Relating to or absorbed in meditation or considered thought.
  1. 'All the songs are meditative and laced with humour and sadness.'
  2. 'His meditative works add a lyrical note to the rich heritage of American landscape painting.'
  3. 'He wanted visitors to be able to visit the site in a quiet, meditative space.'
  4. 'The repetitive motion of your legs and arms helps you enter a meditative state.'
  5. 'And when you play those pieces do you still get yourself into a meditative state?'
  6. 'The image is used particularly to refer to certain meditative techniques of self-reflection.'
  7. 'Are there any meditative techniques which increase or intensify these experiences?'
  8. 'Some got into a meditative mood, lost in the music with their eyes closed.'
  9. 'The lights were dim and incense was burning setting a somber and meditative atmosphere.'
  10. 'A form of gentle, almost meditative exercise such as Pilates may seem far removed from the macho world of football.'


1. given to, characterized by, or indicative of meditation; contemplative.

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"techniques can be meditative."

"states can be meditative."

"styles can be meditative."

"poems can be meditative."

"moodses can be meditative."

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Early 17th century: from meditate + -ive, reinforced by French méditatif, -ive.