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(of a substance or plant) having healing properties.
  1. 'It is suggested that certain medicinal substances have positive pharmacological reactions.'
  2. 'The majority use some of the many medicinal plants available in our biologically diverse region.'
  3. 'The product range includes clothes, food articles, handicrafts and medicinal substances.'
  4. 'We started planting these medicinal plants 25 years ago organically.'
  5. 'Twenty-seven percent of participants reported preoperative use of medicinal herbs.'
  6. 'It has also been demonstrated that a considerable number of Chinese medicinal herbs activate the immune system.'
  7. 'Little is known about the status of toxic metals in these medicinal plants grown in polluted environments.'
  8. 'The most impressive sections include the long list of medicinal herbs and plants.'
  9. 'Thus, the bioactivity of medicinal herbs is often underestimated.'
  10. 'Although the overwhelming majority of medicinal substances come from plants, some are derived from minerals and animals.'
  11. 'clary was once thought to have great medicinal value'
  12. 'People have known about the medicinal value of aloe for thousands of years.'
  13. 'As a medicinal chemist, what I'm interested in are new drug targets.'
  14. 'Each of these species has a high medicinal value.'
  15. 'In this way, the weaker students can be assisted by the input from those who are fluent in medicinal chemistry and drug design.'
  16. 'If you've ever taken a prescription drug and felt better afterward, you can thank a medicinal chemist.'
  17. 'Only a minute percentage of plants have turned out to be of medicinal value to humans.'
  18. 'He lists and describes the dietetic and medicinal uses of 81 drugs, citing their Arabic and Persian derivations.'
  19. 'What we must realise though is that cannabis, if legalised, would not have to be a social drug but could be legalised for medicinal purposes only.'
  20. 'She justifies her drug use as partly medicinal, but she is sinking back into previous behaviors that led her to almost end her life.'
  21. 'These are all researched for possible medicinal, edible etc. uses.'


A medicinal substance.
  1. 'She went back to searching through her box of medicinals and didn't see the look of fury on the collie's face.'
  2. 'Hoss thumped down the stairs, his arms full of extra clothes for Adam and a large bag of medicinals.'
  3. 'As a result, you can grow herbs, greens, medicinals, bulbs, and flowers on one spiral.'
  4. 'With regard to the Chinese medicinals mentioned above, the situation is complex.'
  5. 'We also see some chronic opium users, since opium was often the only effective medicinal for rural populations in parts of Southeast Asia.'
  6. 'Licorice resolves toxins and harmonizes the other medicinals.'
  7. 'Their offerings run the whole spectrum, edibles, medicinals, but most important from a cottage industry perspective, the body care and cosmetic market.'
  8. 'Alchemy in other parts of the world, in particular India and China, has been associated mainly with the development of medicinals.'
  9. 'Whether you're an experienced gardener or just getting started, there are some medicinals that are so easy to grow that they are almost guaranteed to be a success.'
  10. 'From 1986-1991, the authors treated 21 cases using Chinese medicinals which clear heat and quicken the blood with entirely satisfactory results.'


1. of, relating to, or having the properties of a medicine; curative; remedial: medicinal properties; medicinal substances.

2. unpalatable; disagreeable: a medicinal taste.

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"products can be medicinal."

"plants can be medicinal."

"uses can be medicinal."

"purposes can be medicinal."

"herbs can be medicinal."

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Late Middle English: from Latin medicinalis, from medicina (see medicine).