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Administer medicine or a drug to (someone)
  1. 'I don't want to put her through allergy testing, but how can I safely medicate her with over-the-counter medications?'
  2. 'The doctors could not find any medical reason for them and told us we should medicate him for a few years.'
  3. 'What gives the government the right to medicate people without their permission?'
  4. 'In just over one year, I was medicated 11 times for upper and lower respiratory infections, and at one point I was nearly hospitalized.'
  5. 'For a time he was forcibly medicated, but for the past several years he has taken his drugs voluntarily.'
  6. 'Elaine is being heavily medicated, and seems in a deeply unconscious state.'
  7. 'He is heavily medicated and his jumpy behaviour has caused most inmates to stay away from him.'
  8. 'At least that's what I thought at first, but then I realized I was heavily medicated and not even looking at my computer monitor.'
  9. 'For another, he's heavily medicated with antidepressants with the main side effects of sexual dysfunction and disinterest.'
  10. 'I'm home and I'm sick and I'm heavily medicated, so just you watch out.'
  11. 'the born worrier medicates the common cold as though it were a terminal condition'
  12. 'Somewhere far off, she could hear the nurses talking to her, and feel as her ankle was prodded and treated, medicated and wrapped.'
  13. 'The more people who are persuaded that they have a disorder that can be medicated, the more medication the company can sell.'
  14. 'I would spend the next decade convincing doctors to medicate my addiction.'
  15. 'Drug companies encourage the idea that people can diagnose and medicate medical conditions themselves.'
  16. 'Always talk to your health care provider before using any medicated creams or ointments to treat skin problems.'
  17. 'It can be taken by mouth or as a medicated shampoo.'
  18. 'If your child is 2 years old or under, you should not use medicated lice treatments.'
  19. 'Scabies is treated with medicated cream prescribed by a doctor.'
  20. 'Doctors treat scabies by prescribing a medicated cream or lotion to kill the mites.'
  21. 'Then apply a dab of a liquid medicated cleanser - the piercer might recommend an over-the-counter option - to the area.'
  22. 'Your baby's eyes will be treated with medicated drops or ointment.'
  23. 'If careful cleaning and hygiene has not helped you may be prescribed medicated tablets or lozenges, which should be sucked slowly.'
  24. 'Come on then, I think I have some medicated wipes back in my dormitory.'
  25. 'Sometimes doctors prescribe a medicated cream or pills to treat difficult warts.'

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1. to treat with medicine or medicaments.

2. to impregnate with a medicine: medicated cough drops; a medicated bandage.

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"gums can be medicated."

"waters can be medicated."

"systems can be medicated."

"people can be medicated."

"grits can be medicated."

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(medicate)Early 17th century: from Latin medicat- ‘treated’, from the verb medicari ‘administer remedies to’, from medicus (see medic).