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Situated in the middle.
  1. 'A medial moraine is a strip of morainal debris in the middle of glacier ice which marks where two glaciers come together.'
  2. 'Osseous stability is reinforced by the medial and lateral ligament complexes.'
  3. 'With immobilization, the tight medial and posterior tarsal ligaments tend to yield.'
  4. 'A negative number meant that the lateral malleolus was actually anterior to the plane of the medial malleolus.'
  5. 'There is no b in dummy, derived from dumb, or crummy, derived from crumb, and although b is not pronounced finally in bomb, medial b is pronounced in bombard.'
  6. 'An obvious device for poets and lyricists who are concerned with sound is alliteration, the repetition of initial or medial sounds in two or more adjacent words.'
  7. 'Children were asked to remove phonemes from the beginning or medial portions of one-, two-, and three-syllable words.'


1. situated in or pertaining to the middle; median; intermediate.

2. pertaining to a mean or average; average.

3. ordinary.

4. Phonetics. within a word or syllable; neither initial nor final, as the t, a, and n in stand.

5. Entomology. pertaining to, involving, or situated near the media. noun

6. Phonetics. a medial sound or letter. media2 (def 1).

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"ligaments can be medial."

"damages can be medial."

"strains can be medial."

"sides can be medial."

"problems can be medial."

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Late 16th century (in the sense ‘relating to the mean or average’): from late Latin medialis, from Latin medius ‘middle’.