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A piece of jewellery in the shape of a medal, worn as a pendant.
  1. 'There was a medallion with the shape of dragon wings around her neck.'
  2. 'Around his neck are several gold chains and an astrological medallion.'
  3. 'Yet, inside was a golden medallion on a silver chain.'
  4. 'All I ever saw in that jewelry box anyway were little medallions and such.'
  5. 'At first, it looked like a thick metal bracelet with a heavy medallion set in the middle.'
  6. 'He pulled the chain from her tunic, revealing the medallion hidden there.'
  7. 'Vanderkin opened the chest and removed eight gold necklaces with medallions.'
  8. 'She yanked out a large medallion looped through a thin gold chain.'
  9. 'He said nothing but obediently handed over the small bag and removed his medallion and rings.'
  10. 'Temporarily, I had strung Janet's ring onto the chain I wore with my medallion of Mary.'
  11. 'Ceiling medallions are one of the most popular architectural details.'
  12. 'Our interior decorative items include medallions, domes and niches in a variety of sizes and styles.'
  13. 'Fill in the designs with fabric paint, using medallions on the corners and aligning border stencils along the sides.'
  14. 'This spatial richness was supported by the increasing complexity of the decorative scheme, with the frieze above the first floor decorated with medallions beneath an attic storey supported on caryatids.'
  15. 'The 27 models on display in Washington, supplemented by paintings, drawings, sculpture and medallions, show the products of a rising social structure and new technique.'
  16. 'The earliest quilts were designed to have a central medallion on a white ground.'
  17. 'Most obviously, its four ends now carry panels or medallions large enough to frame their own independent images.'
  18. 'Item in Tab 120 refers to bigger size moulding, and the plaster medallions (ceiling trim) for the dining room and the library.'
  19. 'Here, the blue ceiling is contrasted by cloud-white crown molding and a focal-point medallion.'
  20. 'The beef medallions were beautifully tender, and the sauce sublimely creamy and tasty, with just enough mustard to give it an ‘edge’.'
  21. 'I had chosen a steak plus a pork medallion and the meat arrived exactly as ordered.'

More definitions

1. a large medal.

2. anything resembling a medal in form, used as an ornament, in a design, etc.

3. a permit issued by a governmental agency to operate a taxicab, usually represented by a small metal identification disk displayed on the taxi.

4. Architecture. a tablet, usually rounded, often bearing objects represented in relief. a member in a decorative design resembling a panel.

5. médaillon.

More examples(as adjective)

"crockeries can be medallions."


(medallion)Mid 17th century: from French médaillon, from Italian medaglione, augmentative of medaglia (see medal).