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An athlete or other person awarded a medal.
  1. 'They've announced mega cash awards for medallists.'
  2. 'Waterloo, as defending champions, ended up 11 shots behind Queen's, the gold medallists with a 314 total.'
  3. 'A delegation of Chinese Olympic gold medallists are to visit Hong Kong on Monday at the start of a three-day visit.'
  4. 'The youngest female athletics gold medallist was also American.'
  5. 'Many celebrated and professional athletes, world champions and Olympic medallists have touted that a vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients.'
  6. 'Australia play rivals New Zealand while the Americans, two-times defending gold medallists, tip off against Greece.'
  7. 'The boxer, along with the Athens gold medallists, will be meeting the Prime Minister next Tuesday.'
  8. 'Olympic hopefuls for the 2004 games as well as the current Olympic Gold medallists will be taking part.'
  9. 'The 2002 World Champion gold medallists advanced with the fastest time from the first semi-final.'
  10. 'As usual, a couple of gold medallists will pop up unexpectedly.'
An engraver or designer of medals.
  1. 'There was a consistency in the quality of workmanship and in design that, coupled with the firm's position as royal goldsmiths, jewelers, and medalists, ensured that their position was unassailable.'

More definitions

1. a person to whom a medal has been awarded.

2. (in a golf tournament) the player having the lowest score in a qualifying round scored by strokes.

3. a designer, engraver, or maker of medals.

More examples(as adjective)

"swimmers can be medalist."

"davenports can be medalist."