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  1. 'So that's my calorie and med report for today and all I have until my next report around Nov 30, the Monday following Thanksgiving.'
  2. 'She opened the med kit that he had given her, and applied a temporary patch to the power suit.'
  3. 'The money is good; he will soon be free of med school debt.'
  4. 'Steven (Tom Hanks) is a med student struggling to pass his exams.'
  5. 'He once again considered the cost of having new beds for the med center installed - and then he woke in earnest.'
  6. 'Increasing the number of med students will simply increase the number of specialists driving BMWs.'
  7. 'Even loans from law school or med school can be partially forgiven.'
  8. '"Well …" Fara said, walking over to a small kit on the wall and pulling out a Bio med glove.'
  9. 'The strategy part is about always having enough ammo, explosives, chemicals and med kits for your soldiers to use in battle.'
  10. 'She is a 25-year-old married black female here for a med refill.'

plural noun

Medicine; medication.
  1. 'I don't want to take my meds either, but when I get like that I ask my ex-wife what it was like before the meds and I remember, sort of.'
  2. 'The industry also produces the occasional miracle med that empowers doctors to cure otherwise intractable diseases.'
  3. 'Statins have become so critical in the war against cholesterol that a leading statin researcher compares them to the ultimate miracle med.'

Master of Education.
  1. 'He has a BA from the University of the North and an MEd in counselling psychology from an American institution, as well as a PhD in Education from Rhodes.'
  2. 'Melissa L. Block, MEd, is a freelance writer on health and nutrition who lives in Santa Barbara, California.'


1. medical: med school. noun

2. Often, meds. a medication; medicine: Have you taken your meds?

More examples(as adjective)

"centers can be med."

"schools can be med."

"coses can be med."