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Relating to theories which explain phenomena in purely physical or deterministic terms.
  1. 'Both sides assume an essentially deterministic, mechanistic view of nature.'
  2. 'Many of the most accepted theories in the social sciences encourage a mechanistic view of human nature.'
  3. 'There is no morality in the mechanistic world, and no freedom, as human beings cannot act otherwise to their nature.'
  4. 'Second, the integration of living beings into the new natural philosophy of mechanistic naturalism was left unresolved.'
  5. 'He believed in atomism and defended a mechanistic explanation of nature.'
  6. 'Until recently, this mechanistic view of nature and human beings has held sway.'
  7. 'This reductionist or mechanistic view of patients is no longer satisfactory.'
  8. 'His work in chemistry was aimed at establishing it as a mathematical science based on a mechanistic theory of matter.'
  9. 'Three mechanistic hypotheses have been proposed to explain those relationships.'
  10. 'The true philosophy of Cudworth's intellectual system combines mechanistic atomism with Platonic metaphysics.'
  11. 'he insisted that animals were entirely mechanistic'
  12. 'Schlemmer thought that the essential inner vision and unity with nature could only be achieved through simplification and in both painting and sculpture reduced the human figure to mechanistic manikins of extreme formality.'
  13. 'I believe that physicians and patients may be responding to how mechanistic the practice of medicine has become.'


1. of or relating to the theory of mechanism or to mechanists.

2. of or relating to mechanics.

3. mechanical.

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"approaches can be mechanistic."

"systems can be mechanistic."

"explanations can be mechanistic."

"structures can be mechanistic."

"models can be mechanistic."

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