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Introduce machines or automatic devices into (a process or place)
  1. 'The process may be increasingly mechanized, but women workers are still needed at every step of the way.'
  2. 'If farmers were not impelled to specialise their production in a few global commodities, the trend towards ever larger and more highly mechanised farms would abate.'
  3. 'The South African asbestos trade responded to the post-war boom by initiating and extending underground workings, and by centralizing and mechanizing the refining process.'
  4. 'Perhaps more damaging, mechanizing the drug discovery process may not have left enough room for hunches and serendipity.'
  5. 'This process, which mechanizes a system long ago completed only by hand, creates the cooking and stretching attributes associated with mozzarella cheese.'
  6. 'Soya plantations are highly mechanised and depend on the use of a staggering quantity of agrochemicals.'
  7. 'It would be wrong to imagine that even the textile industry was fully mechanized and urbanized by 1850.'
  8. 'But these farms have trouble competing with larger, highly mechanized farms for the beef market.'
  9. 'The mining process is more mechanized than that at most Brazilian gem mines.'
  10. 'Farming is becoming a largely mechanised industry.'
  11. 'the units comprised tanks and mechanized infantry'
  12. 'Each maneuver troop would have four platoons: two tank and two mechanized infantry.'
  13. 'Iraq's regular army consists of three armored, three mechanized, and 11 infantry divisions, but most of these units are at less than full strength.'
  14. 'Armor platoon members can relate to logistics problems when attached to an infantry or mechanized task force not familiar with supporting armor units.'
  15. 'In subsequent operations, tank, mechanized, and motorized rifle brigades were used as forward elements.'
  16. 'Transportation of soldiers is another way mechanized forces can help light units.'
  17. 'A mixed heavy-light mechanized force would frustrate enemy plans to defend against a single type of force.'
  18. 'As urban areas loom large as potential battlefields, Army armored and mechanized forces face a real challenge.'
  19. 'However, some key additions are essential to ensure that armored and mechanized task forces are ready to fight in the unique environment that awaits them.'
  20. 'An influential subset of armoured warfare, rather than a distinct doctrine in its own right, it combined the use of tanks, mechanized infantry, and air power, often with special forces.'
  21. 'Is there anyone who believes the march to Baghdad would have been successful without armored and mechanized forces fighting as combined arms teams?'
  22. 'His colleagues at the Pentagon asked him to take on the job of mechanizing the planning process.'

More definitions

1. to make mechanical.

2. to operate or perform by or as if by machinery.

3. to introduce machinery into (an industry, enterprise, etc.), especially in order to replace manual labor.

4. Military. to equip with tanks and other armored vehicles.

More examples(as adjective)

"flights can be mechanise."