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A person or business involved in preparing and packing meat for transportation and sale.
  1. 'Working with a meatpacker in a neighboring community, the co-op has begun a brisk retail trade in beef halves, quarters and wrapped cuts.'
  2. 'Ranchers must work more closely with meatpackers and distributors to make the operation more efficient.'
  3. 'In 1946, almost two million workers, including 300,000 meatpackers and 750,000 steelworkers, walked picket lines.'
  4. 'In 1970, the top four meatpackers controlled just 21 percent of the beef market.'
  5. 'The injury rate among meatpackers is the highest of any US occupation.'

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1. the business or industry of slaughtering cattle and other meat animals and processing the carcasses for sale, sometimes including the packaging of processed meat products.

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"buyers can be meatpacker."


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